Cheap Sweets and Budget Desserts That Are Actually Delicious

These cheap sweets and budget desserts are delicious. Just because it’s budget-friendly or cheap, doesn’t mean it’s not tasty! These budget desserts will prove it!

Simple and cheap are two of my favorite words when it comes to food and activities. With a busy family that’s on a budget, those two words can be one of the best things you hear!

Another favorite word for busy families is no-bake. A no bake dessert can be something that’s made for any occasion. Yep, we’ve thrown a few into this mix of cheap easy desserts too!

Must Try Cheap Easy Desserts

Tip: Sheet pan desserts are often easy cheap desserts for a crowd. You can make a good amount with just a few ingredients and have enough dessert to please a larger number of people.

Cheap Sweets

Cheap Sweets and Budget Desserts

What describes these desserts? My three favorite words; easy, cheap, and delicious.. it certainly doesn’t get any better than that!

Thankfully, there are plenty of affordable sweets and desserts that are easy to make and impressive.

To prove that, here are some of our favorite cheap desserts that you can make at home when you’re on a tight budget. They’ll certainly impress the family or guests at your next event or dinner!

When to Serve Cheap Desserts?

cheap impressive desserts

You don’t need any special reason to serve these easy budget desserts!

You can serve these budget desserts at parties, tween birthday parties, after dinner, sleepovers, BBq, potlucks, or special occasions.

Guests will be so impressed with their flavors, they’ll be amazed when you tell them they were so affordable to make.

Cheap Sweets You’re Going to Love

  1. Blueberry Shortcakes only take a few ingredients and use premade store bought items so they are easy to make.
  2. Easy Lemon Blondies – An easy dessert bar recipe that only takes a few ingredients.
  3. Ice Cream Brownie Dessert – Perfect for summer and so delicious.
  4. Peach Pie Turnovers – Sweet, delicious, and super easy! If you love peach pie you will love these tasty treats.
  5. Easy Cake Mix Peach Cobbler
  6. Sugared Butter Cookies – Flavorful, easy, and something the kids will certainly enjoy.
  7. Spiced Pumpkin and Maple Bars – These spiced pumpkin and maple bars are low budget sweets that are perfect for fall. You’ll love this delicious budget friendly dessert.
  8. Strawberry Pie from Amanda’s Cookin
  9. 3 Ingredient Blackberry Dump Cake Recipe from ConservaMom – Yep, only 3 ingredients!
  10. No Bake Vanilla Cookies – No bake with vanilla flavors, these cookies are easy and tasty.
  11. Apple Dump Cake from Thrifty Frugal Mom
  12. No Bake Cake Batter Mousse from EmilyFabulous
  13. 3 Ingredient Oreo Cake from Pastry Wishes
  14. 2-Ingredient Nutella Cake from The Petite Cook – Only 2 ingredients are needed for this delicious and easy to make budget dessert dish.
  15. Cherry Cream Cheese Crescent Ring from The Recipe Life
  16. Mexican Fried Bananas from Mama Maggies Kitchen
  17. Lemon Posset from What a Girl Eats
  18. No Bake Peanut Butter Pie from The Cozy Cook
  19. Three Ingredient Peach Pie from Quiche My Grits – Another easy 3 ingredient budget dessert that guests or the family will love.

Ejoy these inexpensive Desserts for A Crowd!

Cheap Sweets and Budget Desserts That Are Actually Delicious

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