Dinner Ideas for Hot Days

Beat the heat with these dinner ideas for hot days! These dinner ideas for hot summer days are easy to make, quick, and delicious.

There’s nothing worse than having to withstand the heat of the stove on those really hot days. I dread it. That’s why when it comes to summer, you’ll find me making quick and easy meals.

By dinners for hot days and quick easy meals, I mean meals that don’t require too much time over the stove or that have to be baked in the oven for long.

Like an easy chicken pasta bake here and there, a tasty stir fry dinner everyone can enjoy, or an instant pot ground beef meal is my ideal menu. Especially during those hot summer days.

Dinner Ideas for Hot Days During the Summer

These dinner ideas for hot days are either quick meals (around 30 minutes or less) or are made in an instant pot or crockpot so you don’t have to spend much time over the stove.

We’ve also included a few easy casseroles that you can throw together for dinner when you want something a little more filling but still easy to make.

Dinner Ideas for Hot Summer Days

When it comes to dinner ideas for hot summer days you want something that you can just throw together and enjoy.

summer dinners for the family

You don’t want to spend much time over the stove which is why we featured some easy and delicious recipes that are quick. If you need some more easy dinner ideas for summer, these will be worth checking out too!

1. Balsamic Peach Chicken

balsamic peach chicken 1 1 1

Fresh peaches and tomatoes along with some basil bring this chicken dish to a whole new level. The fresh flavors used in the balsamic peach chicken make this a delicious summer dinner idea.

2. Chicken Bacon Ranch Zucchini Boats

chicken bacon zucchini boats closeup 1

If you’re looking for an easy summer dinner recipe, these bacon ranch and chicken zucchini boats are delicious. Rotisserie chicken is used so you don’t even have to cook the chicken.

3. Mac and Cheese Tuna Casserole

mac and cheese tuna casserole20

A filling dinner idea for summer, this mac and cheese tuna casserole is easy to make and delicious.

4. Sheet Pan Lemon Chicken & Asparagus

lemonchickenasparagus.17 1

If you’re looking for a filling and refreshing summer dinner idea, this sheet pan lemon chicken & asparagus is a must-try.

5. Turkey Avocado Panini

Easy Turkey Avocado Panini Sandwich

The perfect healthy sandwich for those warm summer days! This turkey avocado panini is easy and delicious. It’s a light sandwich that you can pair with your favorite simple side or even chips.

6. Egg Roll in a Bowl Skillet

Turkey Eggroll in a bowl skillet

Low carb and easy to make, this egg roll in a bowl skillet meal only takes 20 minutes. Loaded with veggies, turkey, shredded cabbage, fresh ginger, and garlic, this is one of our favorite dinner ideas for hot days.

7. Air Fryer BBQ Chicken Taquitos

Air Fryer Homemade BBQ Chicken Taquitos

Made in the air fryer for a quick and easy dinner idea, these BBQ chicken taquitos will be a hit. The kids will love them!

More Easy Summer Dinner Ideas for Hot Days

8. Chanterelle Tart with Ricotta, Rosemary and a Phyllo Crust from Cooking with Carlee. If you can get your hands on some chanterelle mushrooms, this dinner idea is easy and delicious.

9. Easy Frito Chili Pie from Life with Kids and Love. A 25-minute dish that’s both affordable and easy to make! It’s one of our favorite dinner ideas for hot days.

10. Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner from Marathons and Motivation. Throw everything on the skillet and bake! This easy dinner idea for hot summer days is a keeper!

11. Chinese Broccoli Recipe with Garlic from The Forked Spoon. You can serve this as a side, but it’ll also work when you want a light dinner for the summer.

12. Grilled Chicken Margherita from Homeschool & Happiness. If you’re wanting to grill out this summer, this tasty dish is easy to make. You can make this copycat chicken on the grill or the stove.

13. Grilled Southwest Chicken Salad: A balanced, healthy, and delicious summer dinner is what you will get with this tasty dish.

14. Frito Taco Salad: Another one of our favorite dinner ideas for hot days, we have been enjoying taco salads during the summer for years.

15. Instant Pot Crispy Pork Carnitas

3 carnitas tacos with vegetable toppings 1

Instant Pots are a great way to make a dish when you need something quick and easy. These crispy pork carnitas look amazing!

16. Vegetable Fritters

Veggie Fritters Vertical 2

Crispy on the outside but airy on the inside, these vegetable fritters are perfect for when you’re looking for summer dinner ideas for hot days. Serve the fritters with the creamy jalapeño sauce and you have an unforgettable and light dinner.

17. BLT Pasta Salad: BLTs are one of our favorite things to enjoy in the summer because we use fresh tomatoes. On days we feel like a salad, a tasty BLT pasta salad is one of our go-to light dinner ideas.

18. Seared Tuna Lettuce Wraps: Seared and flavorful tuna is put into lettuce wraps for an easy and delicious summer dinner.

19. Tortellini Pasta Salad – You can’t go wrong with a pasta salad when it comes to easy and quick dinner ideas.

20. Sweet Broccoli Apple Pasta Salad – Use as a side dish or light meal for summer. This sweet broccoli apple pasta salad is another one of those great dinner ideas for hot days.

Dinner Ideas for Hot Summer Days

Typically the instant pot or air fryer recipes are another great way to cook when it comes to dinner ideas for hot days.

What are your favorite dinner ideas for hot days? We enjoy light sandwiches but sometimes we need something a little more filling that doesn’t take long to cook.

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