Gourmet Pizza Recipes with Gourmet Pizza Topping Combinations

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Looking for some gourmet pizza recipes with gourmet pizza topping combinations? Enjoy some of these best gourmet pizza toppings and gourmet pizza recipes.

What is a gourmet pizza?

Unlike traditional pizzas that include your typical pizza toppings, gourmet pizzas include various flavor combinations. Gourmet pizza toppings are usually those that are more sophisticated and unique in flavor.

Gourmet pizzas are also beautiful to look at. Sometimes you get a gourmet pizza that looks almost too good to eat. But when you do bite into a pizza with gourmet toppings, you get a mouth full of interesting and delicious flavors that have been put together.

Get the kids excited about your gourmet pizza recipes with these fun pizza activities:

Gourmet Pizza Recipes

Gourmet Pizza Recipes with Gourmet Pizza Topping Combinations

Greek Lamb Pizza from Beyond Mere Sustenance. Hearty, flavorful ground lamb, slow-roasted tomatoes, salty kalamata olives and feta, and Greek seasonings.

Tuscan Mushroom & Sun-dried Tomato Pizza from Handmade in the Heartland. This mushroom & sun-dried tomato pizza recipe is full of delicious flavors that will get you excited about making homemade pizza.

Peach Burrata Pizza from Infinite Taste. Topped with a honey drizzle, your taste buds will love enjoying this gourmet pizza.

CPK Club Pizza from Salt & Baker. Topped with protein and fresh ingredients, this CPK club pizza is healthy and delicious.

Smoked Salmon Pizza from Celebration Generation. Smoked salmon gives the pizza a unique flavor you are sure to love.

Chicken Tikka Pizza from Chisel and Fork. Naan topped with chicken tikka masala and mozzarella cheese makes this chicken tikka pizza a tasty Italian/Indian combination.

Buffalo Chicken Sheet Pan Pizza from Amanda Wilens. A homemade pizza with a thick crust, this buffalo chicken sheet pan pizza is filling and delicious.

Spinach Alfredo Pizza from Quiche My Grits. Made with a puff pastry crust, this spinach alfredo pizza is a gourmet meal that’s also light.

Kale Pizza from Salt & Baker. Simple, but full of flavor, this easy-to-make kale pizza is a delicious gourmet pizza recipe you can make at home.

BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza with Asparagus from Babaganosh. Use leftover pulled pork to make this BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza with Asparagus in just 20 minutes for a delicious dinner!

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza from Handmade in the Heartland. Take a break from your traditional pizza menu and try this gourmet chicken bacon and ranch pizza.

Roasted Red Pepper Pizza from A Seasoned Greeting. A homemade roasted red pepper sauce is drizzled over the pizza for a delicious taste.

More Gourmet Pizza Topping Combinations & Gourmet Pizza Recipes

Broccoli Rabe Pizza from Chisel and Fork. Sausage and broccoli rabe pesto come together to create an easy gourmet pizza that’s delicious.

Vegan Pumpkin Pizza from The Daring Kitchen. Simple, easy, and delicious, this vegan pumpkin pizza will be a hit.

Pesto Pizza with Fresh Mozzarella and Tomatoes from Babaganosh. This gorgeous pizza has a homemade two-ingredient pizza dough.

Spring Vegetable Pizza from Culinary Ginger. With fresh spring flavors, this vegetable pizza is beautiful and delicious.

Grilled Turkey Sausage and Summer Greens Pizza from Ottawa Mommy Club. A summertime favorite, you will love the flavor of this grilled turkey and summer greens pizza.

Mediterranean Chicken Pizza from Carefree Mermaid. From Tzatziki Sauce to Feta, this Mediterranean Chicken Pizza has all of the classic Greek flavors you love.

Fig Pear and Goat Cheese Pizza from The Littlest Crumb. Homemade pizza dough with a light olive oil base, fresh figs, pears, caramelized onions, brie, and goat cheese.

Beer Pizza Dough with Brie, Basil, and Prosciutto from A Taste for Travel. Made with beer dough and topped with brie, basil, and prosciutto for a tasty gourmet pizza treat.

Tandoori Paneer Naan Pizza from Piping Pot Curry. Made with marinated paneer, red peppers, onions, grape tomatoes, this gourmet pizza is made in the air fryer.

Mediterranean Hummus Pizza from My Pure Plants. Olives, feta, hummus, cherry tomato, and fresh basil turn your regular pizza night into a Mediterranean feast with this recipe.

Taco Pizza With Cauliflower Crust from Swirls of Flavor. A tasty take on taco Tuesday, these tacos are served in pizza form.

Looking for a pizza that isn’t fancy but the kids will love? These mini heart shaped pizzas are perfect! Another pizza flavored dinner idea would be an easy and delicious pepperoni pizza casserole!

After dinner, enjoy a fruity and sweet dessert pizza recipe that everyone will enjoy!

gourmet pizza recipes

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