Cheap Sleepover Ideas for Teens and Tweens

Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a weekend party, these cheap sleepover ideas for teens and tweens will make it special.

When it comes to tween sleepovers or teen sleepovers, the kids just want to have fun. Everyone wants to have a blast so it’ll be an unforgettable sleepover party where memories are made.

If you are looking for some things to do or some cheap sleepover ideas for teens and tweens, you’ve come to the right place. We’re featuring budget friendly kids sleepover ideas and birthday sleepover games, food, and everything you need to create an unforgettable tween sleepover.

Cheap Sleepover Ideas for Teens and Tweens

Grab the sleeping bags, make room in the living room, get a list of party guests and best friends, and get ready for a party as we brainstorm some cheap sleepover ideas for teens and tweens. We’ll get some ideas, activities, and games that will make the sleepover great.

Cheap Sleepover Ideas for Teens and Tweens

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Cheap Slumber Party Ideas for Kids

Fun and exciting games, sleepover activities for tweens, themed party foods, and lots of memories! Your tween or teen will impress their friends and guests with these cheap slumber party ideas for kids.

Sleepover Activities for Tweens & Tween Sleepover Ideas

Kool-Aid Lip Gloss

Grab some flavored Kool-Aid packets and some Vaseline so that the kids can make their own flavored lip balm. Not only will it be a fun party activity for the sleepover, but the kids can take them home as sleepover party favors.

Truth or Dare

A beloved game we’ve played for generations, truth or dare is always been one of the best sleepover games for kids of all ages. When I was younger, it was all the rage teen girls were doing at their slumber parties! Have the kids make up different questions and creative, but safe, dares that can be done during the sleepover.

Ice Cream Bar

Ice Cream Bar

Kids love ice cream! For an unforgettable slumber party, create a spread of ice cream and toppings so the kids can make their own bowls of ice cream or milkshakes.

Check out these kid friendly ice cream recipes.

Pancake Breakfast Bar

A pancake bar will always a hit at sleepover parties and it’s easy! You can make pancakes and set up a pancake breakfast bar that includes different pancake toppings and fresh fruit so that kids can create their own plate of pancakes.

You can even take it up a notch and go with some flavored pancakes. One of our favorites is banana pancakes, but you can make chocolate, peanut butter, and other tasty pancakes.

Grab this free printable pancake placemat activity.

Tween Talent Show

Does your tween have a special talent they love showing off? If so, let the kids put on their own talent show at home. All you need is some open space and maybe some props for them to show off their special talents. This will be a fun activity tweens and teens can do at slumber parties and it’ll create lots of laughs and smiles.

Board Games

Playing board games is another fun and cheap sleepover idea for tweens and teens. Most board games are for 2 players and up so it gives the kids an opportunity to include everyone in the sleepover and have a good time. Plus, it’ll be a great way to get some fun competition going with all the kids! You can go with a classic game like Trivial Pursuit or try some of the new board games out there.

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See our favorite geography board games and the benefits of playing board games. Having a variety of different games will allow the kids to not only have fun at their sleepover, but it can also bring some fun learning into it as well.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be added to your cheap sleepover ideas for teens or tweens. We’ve shared a lot of scavenger hunts for younger kids, but you can easily find some scavenger hunts for tweens online or make your own.

Cheap Sleepover Ideas for Tweens

These cheap sleepover ideas for tweens will not only make for an epic party, but your tween will make unforgettable memories with their friends.

Movie Night

A movie night can be used for any type of tween sleepover and it’s always a fun slumber party idea no matter what the ages are. To make your movie night stand out, you can make it a themed movie party with special treats or games that fit the party. The kids can even dress up as their favorite movie characters.

If you are holding a movie night during the holidays, watch some fun and festive holiday movies for teens.

Popcorn Party Bar

Popcorn Party Bar

Popcorn makes the perfect budget-friendly sleepover snack. To make a popcorn bar, simply place out different popcorn flavors with candy and treats that they can mix together.

It’s the perfect snack to enjoy while tweens watch movies or play games. You can also make your own flavored popcorn!

Spin the Bottle Makeover Beauty Game

You remember the spin the bottle game right? This game mixes it up so that your tween can use it in a beauty makeover night.

For example, place nail polish in a circle with a bottle (or something you can spin) in the middle. Spin to see which color of nail polish each person will paint their nails with. You can continue to do this to choose toenail polish colors and more.

Karaoke Party

Karaoke Party

Start the party off right with some karaoke! Use various items from around the house, cellphones to play music, and let the kids have their very own karaoke night. You can even turn the karaoke party into a next level dance contest.

Craft Party Night

Find some fun crafts your tween and their friends can put together during the sleepover. Many of the crafts they can put together are budget-friendly, with the supplies being found at your local dollar store, and the kids can take them home when they go. A few ideas:

Fashion Show

Have the tweens gather some of their favorite outfits or mix and match their clothing to create their own style. Then, make some room for them to hold their own fashion show at home.

Spa Night

Creating a spa night for the kids equals fun and cheap sleepover ideas for teens. They can get pampered, make their own face masks, do their nails, and even give each other makeovers.

Cheap Sleepover Ideas for Teens

Teens’ sleepovers can be a little more tricky, but these epic sleepover ideas for teens will be a hit! These cheap sleepover ideas for teens are both fun and creative.

Old School Teen Movie Night

Teen Movie Night

Movies are huge in your teen years so why not share your favorite movies from when you were a teen? Are the kids fans of sharks? If so, watch some shark movies on Netflix or your favorite streaming service. Not only will it introduce them to some of the classic older movies but it may also foster a new interest in things.

Backyard Camping Night

Take the party to the backyard and let the teens have a backyard camping night. You can light the fire pit and have them roast marshmallows or make S’mores as they tell stories and enjoy the night. You can grill out with the kids and make some food on a stick or desserts on the grill.

Scary Movie Night

If your teen likes scary movies, put together a scary movie night with their friends. Teens are at that age where they can watch movies that are a little more sophisticated. Horror movies, with parent approval, and some popcorn can make for a fun teen sleepover party idea.

Video Game Night

Grab the video games and let the teens go wild with playing the games, competing together, and enjoying a night of video games.

Photo Booth

Photo Booth

Set up an area where the teens can take their own photos! To make it cheap, you can use a box and have the kids paint or decorate it. They can make face cutouts or dress whacky to take some fun pictures.

Indoor Camping Night

Bring the camping gear inside for a party they’ll never forget. Instead of setting up camp outside, set aside a room in the house to put up a tent for your tween’s party.

Pizza Party

We’re not talking about just ordering a pizza and letting the teens and tweens enjoy it, we want to go bigger. Let the kids make their own pizza with their favorite toppings and sauces. Go all out with a gourmet pizza recipe or make sweet dessert pizzas. Mini heart shaped pizzas are always a hit too!

We shared some pretty cool pizza party activities, a pizza placemat printable, and a pizza bingo game for kids.

Cheap Sleepover Ideas for Teens

Cheap Sleepover Ideas for Teens and Tweens

These cheap sleepover ideas for teens and tweens will be a whole lot of fun and will help create a memorable and successful sleepover.

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