Cheap Birthday Ideas for Teens and Tweens

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These cheap birthday ideas for teens and tweens are not only fun but are inexpensive and will allow you to make your teen’s birthday special.

When the kids are young it’s much easier to throw a party and figure out themes. You really go based on the character or things they like for the theme. For instance, we could easily come up with a fun pirate birthday party on the fly and we were good to go. This also worked for mermaid parties and unicorn themed parties.

Birthday Ideas for Teens & Tweens

Throwing a cheap teenage birthday party can get expensive. The older kids get, the more money it seems to costs on gifts and activities.

Another challenge we have with cheap teenage birthday party ideas is that it can be tricky to come up with something that is “cool”. What parents think is “cool” can be lame and boring for them. This happens with my kids all the time when we try to come up with something fun to do!

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Teens and tweens also like to change their mind a lot. I know with my kids, it seems like one minute they are into something then it changes. This makes it difficult to buy gifts and plan any type of party activity.

Cheap birthday party ideas for tweens

Cheap birthday party ideas for tweens

Teenage Party Ideas + Tween Birthday Party Games

Finding cheap birthday party ideas for tweens and cheap teen party ideas can take a little creativity. It can be hard to find fun things to do for a teenage birthday party.

To get some ideas swirling in your head, here are a few cheap teenage birthday party ideas, games, and tips. These birthday party ideas for teens will make an fun party for everyone to enjoy.

1. Game Night Party

A game night party can be fun for both tweens and teens. You can hold a game night party either indoors or outdoors depending on the type of games and space needed.

  • Set up obstacle courses or fun outdoor party games for the kids to play.
  • Grab the game systems and set aside a room for everyone to play video games in. You can also turn it into a game tournament night and have everyone competing agains each other.
  • Board games or card games, pizza, and party snacks could make for a fun night.
  • Choose one of your tweens favorite video games and make that the theme. For instance, throw a Fornite party and serve some Fortnite themed party food.

2. Throw a Pool Party

Live somewhere that is warm all year round or celebrate their birthday in the summer? A pool party can be a great idea. If you already have a pool, this can save you a lot of money. No pool? Check with friends and family who do to see if you can host the party there.

You can also head to a local community pool. Many of them offer special rooms for parties and getting a pool pass or paying for entry is often inexpensive. A pool party always make for one of the best teenage party ideas.

Many hotels will also let you host your party there. While this is the more expensive route, you can check with hotels to see if they have any discounts since you’re not renting rooms. If it is cheaper to grab a room so that you can use the pool, that could make the party even better.

Teen Birthday Party Pool

3. Hotel Sleepover

Speaking of heading to a hotel for the pool, why not rent a hotel room and get their friends together for a hotel sleepover. Since the kids can pretty much share a room, depending on how many are attending, the price may not be that bad.

  • Adjoining rooms can make it easier for everyone and the kids will have more fun.
  • You can decorate the hotel room with balloons, streamers, and other birthday decorations.
  • Take advantage of the hotel activities and amenities they offer.
  • Talk with the staff to see if they can make a special birthday dinner or birthday cake to celebrate.
  • Bring your own special breakfast foods like homemade cinnamon rolls or take advantage of the free breakfast many hotels offer.

One thing to make sure of when having a birthday hotel sleepover is that your teens and tweens are respectful. You don’t want to have any complaints because they’re too loud or destroying property. This will only get them thrown out and possibly cause extra money to come out of your pocket.

Also, remember that a chaperone may be needed depending on the ages of those attending.

4. Have a Backyard Bash

Teens and tweens will get a kick out of having a backyard bash for their birthday and it can be pretty easy to set up.

Some activities and party ideas for a backyard bash:

  • Aloha party theme. Something like a luau party would be great. You can serve punch in creative cups, or these coconut cups, for extra fun. Play a game of “how low can you go”, dress in Hawaiian outfits, pass out leis, and grab some beach or Hawaiian themed party supplies.
  • Outdoor Game Party. Creative games and outdoor games like this giant yard dice game can be made at home. You can also find some outdoor games online and they are often inexpensive.
  • Glow party. Grab some of those cheap glow sticks, bracelets, and glow in the dark decorations to make the outdoor birthday bash fun. Get glow in the dark face paint and have them paint their faces. You can even set up some games and music to dance to while they are wearing the glowing accessories.
  • Live band party. Check with any local bands to see if they would be willing to play for the party. Many local bands won’t charge much for a gig or will do it for free. Serve up some punch, bite sized food or pizza, and rock n’ roll!
  • Picnic Party. Picnics can be fun so why not take that idea and create the teen birthday party around the picnic theme. Grab your favorite picnic baskets, add some tasty food, and let the kids enjoy some time outdoors.
  • Ice Cream Party. No matter what age you are, nothing beats enjoying a bowl of ice cream on a warm summer day. Your tween can enjoy an ice cream party at home where they make their own ice cream bowels topped with their favorite candies & flavors. You can also do milkshakes – check out these fun milkshake recipes we think they might enjoy.
Glow party

5. Scary Movie Party

My teens love scary movies and enjoy having their friends come over to have a scary movie marathon. This year my daughter is wanting to throw a scary movie party with her friends.

I thought about making some popcorn, I really want to do some creative flavored popcorn treats for them. We could also order or make our own pizzas as we rent some movies or use one of the online movie platforms. If pizzas aren’t what they want, we can make some appetizer, their favorite meal, or just binge on snack foods all night.

6. Spa Party

A spa party can be a fun DIY birthday party theme for tweens. They will love spending the night getting pampered.

You can make your own pampering stations at home and have them rotate so that they visit each station. The girls can paint their nails, soak their feet, and enjoy their spa time.

7. Beach Party

If you are lucky enough to live close to a beach, teens will love spending the day with their friends at the beach. Most beaches have areas set up for volleyball, swimming, and other fun activities.

Visiting a beach is also free which means you won’t need to spend much when it comes to setting up the party. Even if your teen’s birthday is in the winter, there are some great beach destinations to visit, especially in December.

Plus, there are a variety of beach accessories, beach friendly games, and beach gear that you can take along for the party.

Tweens may be interested in putting together some cute beach crafts too!

More Affordable Cheap Birthday Ideas for Teens and Tweens

  • Escape Room Party
  • Tie Dye Party
  • Dance Party
  • Karaoke Party
  • Baking Party

How to make a teen birthday party affordable.

Luckily, there are lots of birthday ideas for teens that are affordable and won’t break the bank. Here are a few tips to make your party more affordable when you are coming up with cheap birthday party ideas for teens. These tips can help you save quite a bit.

  • One of the best ways to save money is to have your party at home.
  • Making your own supplies can save a ton of money, it just takes a little bit of creativity.
  • Borrow anything you can from friends and family to help save money.
  • If you must spend money on decorations and supplies, go for the more affordable choices. Nothing has to be name brand so don’t feel guilty about shopping at discount stores.
  • If you plan a party somewhere special, like an indoor water park, take advantage of any discounts or coupons. Many of them offer birthday or party discounts that will help you save.
  • Don’t order a birthday cake. Make your own birthday cake or cupcakes at home. You can also use a homemade frosting recipe to top the cake off with.
  • Go with easy party foods that you can make yourself.
  • Print out your own birthday party invitations.

Cheap Birthday Ideas for Teens and Tweens

Cheap Birthday Ideas for Teens

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