Fun Ways to Spend Time with Your Teen

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Thirty fun ways to spend time with your teen this summer! Bring on the warmer weather and head outdoors with these activities you can do with your teen.

It doesn’t take long in today’s world for our time to fill up quickly with all the things that we have to do. We’re always doing something or going here and there. How much time do we actually get to spend with our own family in all the places we need to be.

Studies have shown that finding ways to spend time with your teen is as crucial as it was when they were little, if not even more so. That finding a way to spend time with your teen can help their well-being.

That’s why it’s so important to find ways to spend time with your teen. No matter what it takes!

30 Fun Ways to Spend Time with Your Teen

Spending Time with Your Teen is Important!

Spending time with your teen not only helps their well-being but it gives them better social skills and confidence. It also equips them to talk to parents more openly and to handle the struggles in life better..

Teens are no longer little and it can be a little harder to spend more time with them. So, how do you spend time more time with you teen?

Here are 30 ideas that can help give you more time to spend with your teen and help develop a lasting friendship between you and your teenager.

30 Fun Ways to Spend Time with Your Teen

  1. Eat dinner together and talk about your teenager’s day.
  2. Go bowling with your teen.
  3. Go ice/roller skating with your teen.
  4. Go hiking with the whole family.
  5. Take a trip to the beach.
  6. Go bird watching with your teen.
  7. Plan a family vacation together.
  8. Plan a road trip together and then set out on an adventure.
  9. Visit some National or State parks in your area.
  10. Choose a historical aspect of your teenager’s curriculum and go visit that place.
  11. Redecorate your teenager’s room together.
  12. Volunteer at a philanthropic charity.
  13. Do some summer water activities together.
  14. Exercise together.
  15. Learn a new skill together like a new language.
  16. Learn to play a new musical instrument together.
  17. Read a book together and discuss it afterward.
  18. Go fishing and learn about all the fish you catch.
  19. Do a house project together.
  20. Make dinner together.
  21. Have a picnic.
  22. Do a regular game night either with just the two of you or the whole family.
  23. Learn about your family history.
  24. Make a time capsule.
  25. Order food from your teen’s favorite restaurant and sit down at the table to eat with them.
  26. Learn how to make your teen’s favorite restaurant food at home and make it together.
  27. Learn about foods from other cultures and try them together.
  28. Develop a new healthy habit together like journaling.
  29. Talk about your teen’s goals in life and what your goals were when you were a teen.
  30. Find out what your teen thinks life will be like in the next 10, then 20 or 30 years.
  31. Create a bucket list and then start working on that list together.

Now that you have some ideas, you can talk to your teen and see which ones may interest them. Then, you can get started.

Spend Time with Your Teen

Remember, the goal is to get your teen excited to do something with you and and the family. Letting your teen be invested and help choose the activities will pay off so much more in the long run. It’ll also get them more interested look forward to spending time together.

Yes, this may mean that you are doing some things that you do not have a passion for. However, the time you spend with your teen will be worth it! You never know, you may find a new hobby that you never knew you would love.

Ways to Spend Time with Your Teen This Summer

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