What To Do With Leftover Pickle Juice

Wondering what to do with leftover pickle juice that’s sitting in the fridge? Did you know that you can use leftover pickle juice for a variety of different things?

While pickle juice is commonly used in recipes (check out these recipes made with pickle juice), it’s not the only thing it can be used for. You may be surprised at the uses for leftover pickle juice!

From food related ways to use pickle juice, to surprising garden and health issues, these are ways to use pickle juice.

Things to do with leftover pickle juice

Uses for Leftover Pickle Juice

Before you pour that pickle juice down the drain, see all of the things you can reuse pickle juice.

1. Use it as a meat tenderizer, brine, or marinade.

2. Add it to your deviled eggs for a burst of flavor.

3. It can be added to BBQ sauce to give it more of a tangy flavor.

4. Use it to kill weeds.

5. Swap acidic juices like lemon or vinegar out for pickle juice.

6. Add pickle juice to cocktails or to make a CESAR drink.

7. Drink it! But be careful because it has a lot of sodium so you can easily overdue it.

8. Pickle juice can be used to make vinaigrette salad dressings.

9. Put it in a spray bottle and spray a few squirts on your fries for some extra zing.

10. Mix it in your potato or macaroni salad. You can even add a tsp or two in your chicken or tuna salad.

11. Steam veggies in pickle juice.

12. Take a shot of pickle juice after a shot of whiskey to clean your palate.

13. Many like to clean their copper pans with pickle juice. It gives your copper pans some extra sparkle.

14. Make your own pickled veggies or pickled eggs.

15. Use it on the grill to remove any charred bits of grease or food.

16. Pickle juice can be helpful when it comes to deglazing a pan.

17. Add pickle juice to your water when boiling potatoes.

18. Pickle juice can be used to help soothe heartburn.

19. Some swear by pickle juice helping cure their hangover.

20. It can help with digestive issues. If you are constipated or have an upset stomach, taking a shot of pickle juice may be able to help. See more health benefits of drinking pickle juice.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to use leftover pickle juice. Stop pouring that money down the drain and try using leftover pickle juice in the above ways.

What To Do With Leftover Pickle Juice

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