Recipes with Pickle Juice That Are Actually Delicious

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Don’t throw out those jars of pickles without seeing these delicious recipes with pickle juice! Wasting the pickle juice is like throwing money down the drain. You can do so much with that leftover juice!

I loved pickles so much when I was younger. We would buy a jar of dill pickles frequently so that we could snack on them after school or enjoy them lunch.

I never drank the pickle juice through. It just wasn’t my thing but my daughter loves it. I think she enjoys it more than eating the pickles sometimes! But, she goes through these phases. Sometimes she doesn’t drink the juice and just eats the pickles.

Since we are all about saving money, I hate seeing that pickle juice go to waste. It just drives me wild to see any type of food go to waste, especially when we work so hard to stock our pantry on a budget. I mean, food is expensive and if you’re not eating it or using it in some way, it’s like throwing money away.

You’d be surprised at the different things you can do with pickle juice, but for now we’ll focus on recipes with pickle juice!

Recipes Made with Pickle Juice

Recipes with Pickle Juice

Try making these recipes made with pickle juice for upcoming family gatherings like a Thanksgiving potluck or Christmas potluck!

Recipes with Pickle Juice

Whether you enjoy the taste of pickles, enjoy the pickle juice, or don’t want the juice to go to waste, these recipes with pickle juice are for you!

There are a variety of different recipes included in the list and each have tons of flavor. Recipe with pickle juice for dinner, used as sides, and even party appetizers.

Recipes with Pickle Juice

1. Southern Style Chicken Nuggets from Care Free Mermaid. Marinated overnight in pickle juice, you will be surprised at how tasty these chicken nuggets are!

2. Southern Deviled Eggs from Aleka’s Get Together. Save a few tablespoons of that leftover pickle juice to make these southern deviled eggs.

3. Creamy Dill Pickle Soup from Skinny Spatula. If you love the flavor of dill pickles, try making this creamy dill pickle soup!

4. French Fry Sauce from Amanda’s Cookin. French fry sauce is one of our favorite condiments and this one uses pickle juice for extra flavor.

5. Pickle Sourdough Rye Bread from The Pantry Mama. Pickle juice is the secret ingredient to a flavorful sourdough rye bread.

6. Chick-fil-A Style Tofu Nuggets from No Sweat Vegan. Oil free and flavorful, these tofu nuggets use pickle juice for a unique flavor.

7. Dill Pickle Dip from The Gifted Gabber. A delicious appetizer that you can serve at events, this dip uses pickles and pickle juice for extra flavor.

8. Pickle Marinated Chicken Tenders from Hunger Thirst Play. Marinated in pickle juice and then fried, even the kids will devour these chicken tenders.

9. Air Fryer Nashville Hot Chicken from Sugar and Soul. Add a little spice to dinner with this delicious and easy Nashville hot chicken made in the air fryer.

Make Recipes with Pickle Juice To Add Extra Flavor

To add some extra flavor to your dishes, add some pickle juice. These recipes with pickle juice prove that it can add some delicious flavor to your dishes.

Recipes Made with Pickle Juice

10. Traditional German Potato Salad from Cheerful Cook. The perfect side dish for summer, this traditional German potato salad recipe uses pickle juice.

11. Southern Macaroni Salad from The Sassy Foodie. Add some extra flavor to your macaroni salad with this recipe using pickle juice.

12. Dill Pickle Hummus from 365 Days of Baking and More. Hummus is always a party favorite! This dill pickle hummus recipe is sure to be a hit.

13. Dill Pickle Egg Salad Dip from 365 Days of Baking and More. The flavors of dill pickles and egg salad come together to create this delicious dip.

14. Crockpot Dill Pickle Bacon Cheeseburger Soup from Sweet and Savory Food. A unique twist on cheeseburger soup, this recipe adds pickle juice for extra flavor.

15. Green Been Potato Salad from The Healthy Epicurean. Green beans and potatoes come together to create a tasty twist on your traditional potato salad.

16. Crock Pot Dill Pickle Pot Roast from Eating on a Dime. A unique way to make pot roast, we can’t wait to try this crockpot recipe!

See all of the tasty recipe made with pickle juice?! If you are like us and enjoy the flavor of pickle juice or hate to see it go to waste, give these recipes a shot. You won’t be disappointed!

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