Geography Board Games + Geography Card Games for Kids

Use these geography board games and geography card games to help teach kids more about the world around us.

Through playing these geography board games, kids will be learning a variety of different things. Everything from history or geography. Not to mention the other benefits board games give.

Learning Geography Can Be Fun With Board Games

Learning more about the world around us through games is a great way to make learning geography more fun. It’s easy to help kids learn and have fun when you bring in some geography board games.

Benefits of Geography Board Games

While playing board games is fun, there are many different educational benefits to playing them. Especially geography board games.

Geography board games can be a fun and engaging way to learn about different cultures, history, locations worldwide, and more.

Geography board games like Terra, Ticket to Ride, Scrambled States of America, and Risk are all great options for geography board games.

We found some others that may not be as known or as popular and will provide hours of educational fun.

Geography Board Games for Kids

Check out these fun geography board games for kids. They will have fun learning more about geography as they play with friends and family.

Travelling The World Pursuit

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Great for tweens, teens, and adults, this geography board game is a great way to learn about the world around us.

Through play, kids will learn fun new facts and compete in all 4 categories: Political, Natural, Architectural, & Religious as they travel the world.

Scout It Out The 50 States

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The kids will have a blast learning more about the 50 states. They’ll also learn some fun facts along the way.

Each player will roll the dice and get clues. The first person to guess the correct state will get points. The person with the most points will win the game!

Who Knows Where?

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Guess the correct country! Who Knows Where has over 1000 questions in 5 categories, including capitals, major cities and towns, events and facts, and famous tourist sites from around the world.

You will also find beautiful images of many iconic landmarks.

Geografika World Map Game

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Geografika World Map Game is a fun way to teach children about the World we live in. It contains more than 280 hand-drawn illustrations, as well as names of Countries, Rivers, Lakes, Oceans & Seas, Mammals, Reptiles & Amphibians, Birds, Sea Animals & Famous Places, Festivals, Food, Sports etc.

QUOKKA Educational Geography Game

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Move your pawn through the world map while overcoming obstacles with correct answers.

By playing the game, kids will gain knowledge on oceans, continents, their animals, volcanoes, historical & cultural sightseeing, and more.

The Golden Journey

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Exciting, brain-teasing and competitive, this game will stimulate your cognitive abilities while teaching you more about the world!

Trekking The World

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Travel the world from your kitchen table during family game night.

Youll notice the gorgeous art and design featuring destinations across every continent. 

Parks Board Game

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Hike along a different trail every season, take in the sights, and experience the beauty of our parks in a new way. 

Score points by visiting as many uniquely illustrated parks as you can while hopefully snapping a few photos of your journey along the way.

Educational Geography Card Games for Kids

Let’s move on from geography board games and go for some other fun games.

For kids who enjoy card games, these educational card games about geography will be a hit. They are also great activities for traveling.

Brain Box The World Card Game

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BrainBox is a fun memory and observation card game that will really test your eye for detail.

This world edition of the game features 55 countries from across the planet. From America’s Statue of Liberty to the Pyramids of Egypt, this family game contains hand-drawn illustrations that bring each country to life.

The World Game – Geography Card Game

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As kids play The World Game, they will learn to recognize the flags or name the capital city. All 194 countries & a world map are included.

This geography card game for kids can be played over and over while learning more about each country.


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This is a fun geography card game that’s like dominoes but with maps, as you build a map of Europe, by connecting countries that share a common border. The first to play all their countries wins.

Kids will love learning all the interesting facts and educational points throughout the game.

Professor Noggin’s Geography of The United States Trivia Card Game

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Topic cards include fun facts about Earthquakes, Islands, and the mysterious, ‘What city is nicknamed…’

Each of the thirty game cards combines trivia, true or false, and multiple-choice questions. A special three-numbered die is included which adds an element of unpredictability.

Sweep the World Card Game

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Sweep the Word is a fun and educational geography card game where kids can learn interesting facts about the world’s countries.

The cards provide a ton of information about the population, geographic location, and the country’s flag colors.

Continent Race

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Test your knowledge and learn about the world with the 205 colorful country cards that are challenging for kids and adults alike.

Through the board game, kids will learn about the continents, countries, and flags of the world as they play.

Bonus Geography Activities and Games

We found more fun geography games that kids will love playing as they learn more about the world they live in.

Skillmatics World Map Puzzle

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Assemble this 96-piece world map puzzle and embark on an educational journey!

With 100 country cards included, children can learn about the countries of the world, their capitals, and uncover over 400 fun facts!

GeoBingo World

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GeoBingo World contains 50 country cards, representing the world’s most populous nations, that show each country’s capital, land area, population, and geographic location.

The first person to get 5 countries in a row on a GeoBingo Board wins the game!

Chalk and Chuckles Smart Sticks Countries of The World Game

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Spin the spinner, and pick out a stick. Ask questions, and get everyone to think, guess and act.

Be the first player to win 5 sticks.

Geography Based Board Games

Learning geography can be fun, especially when you pair it with games. They make a great way for kids and adults to learn more about the world.

It’s also a great way to incorporate some fun educational holidays there. As they learn more about the parts of the world, learning about some of the fun holidays can make it more enjoyable.

Geography Based Board Games

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