Summer Water Activities & Water Games for Kids

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These budget-friendly summer water activities and water games for kids make the hot weather worth enduring and more fun!

With summer just around the corner, the weather is already starting to warm up. It’s May and the temps are already reaching the 90’s. Since the kids love being outdoors so much, it’s good to have some summer water activities and water games ready for them to play.

Playing in the water or swimming in the pool is a staple for summer. It’s also the perfect way to stay cool when the temps are high and the sun is blaring down on you.

Summer Water Activities

Fun Summer Water Activities for Kids

Ready for the kids to enjoy the warm weather and the water? These budget-friendly summer water games and activities will be a huge hit with the kids.

1. Sponge Toss Water Game

You can purchase sponges at the Dollar Store for a couple of dollars so this is definitely budget-friendly! Just take the sponges and cut them into strips, tie them together, and soak them in a bucket of water. To play the sponge toss game, the kids can toss the sponge balls back and forth.

2. Water Balloon Fights

Water balloon fights are a popular summer water activity! It’s on of our favorites and it always makes a fun competition for the kids. Getting soaked with water when it’s hot outside also makes it worth while!

3. Sprinkler Fun!

Another budget-friendly water activity we do during the summer is play with the sprinkler. Not only do we get to have fun in the water, but it also helps water our yard during the summer! The kids loves jumping through the sprinklers and soaking themselves to stay cool.

4. Water Balloon Painting

Water Balloon Painting is not only a fun summer water activity for kids, it’s also educational. It’ll help the kids recognize colors and be a fun sensory game for young learners. Older children and adults can also have fun with it though! I mean.. who wouldn’t want to throw color filled water balloons to create a painting masterpiece?!

5. Squirt Gun Play

Another traditionally summer water activity we do is chasing each other around with squirt guns. The kids have a blast running around outside trying to squirt each other with water. Us adults have fun with it too and it always allows us to spend more time having fun with them.

6. DIY Water Slide

When I was younger, one of the best summer water activities we did was slide down the water slide. We always made a homemade one so it was cheap but it was still a blast. All you need is a garden hose and a tarp. We would place it on the hill so we could slide down one by one until we were tired or moved on to the next water game.

7. Soap Foam Sensory Bin

Summer Water Activities & Water Games for Kids

A soap foam sensory bin is a fun and educational water activity for summer. You can use items from the kitchen and let the kids enjoy playing in the water as they learn. It’s a win win! If you don’t want to do this in the house, you can easily take it outside and let the kids play with it.

8. Water Bucket Races

Water bucket races are good for kids and adults of any age. Just fill up some buckets of water (you can get them at the Dollar Tree) and race from one end of the yard to the other. Once the races are done, the kids can pour the leftover water in the buckets over their heads.

9. Color Mixing Water Activity

Summer Water Activities & Water Games for Kids

This color mixing water play game for kids is perfect for young children. They can use food coloring to change the water different colors and mix and match the water to see the new colors they can get.

Summer Water Activities & Water Games for Kids

Fun summer water activities are the perfect way to enjoy some fun in the sun. You can do many of these summer water activities during your tweens sleepover, during the summer holidays, or just to have fun with friends and family.

Summer Water Activities

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