Pizza Party Ideas and Activities

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These pizza party ideas and activities will help you throw a fun pizza party for kids. See some of the best pizza decorations, pizza party activities, pizza party games, and more!

Pizza parties are perfect for birthday parties and fun celebrations for kids. You can even host a pizza party on National Pizza Day (February 9th) or other fun holidays that you celebrate.

Our family are huge fans of pizza and we eat it at least once a week for pizza night. It’s also an easy party theme that you can throw together quickly. On nights we don’t have time to make our own pizzas or to wait on delivery, we like to make an easy pepperoni pizza casserole. It’s not the same as enjoying a hearty pizza, but it will satisfy our pizza craving!

Pizza Party Ideas and Activities

The Ultimate Pizza Party Guide

If you are looking to host a pizza party in the near future, we want to help! This ultimate pizza party guide will go over everything you need to throw a fun pizza party. We’ve included fun pizza games, pizza party ideas and activities, tips, and more.

How to Throw a Fun Pizza Party

Whether you are throwing a pizza party for adults or kids, there are a few ways that you can make it fun. A fun pizza party will help bring everyone together to have fun and enjoy some tasty food.

Choose Delivery or Homemade

Do you want to order out pizza for the party or focus the party around having guests create their own pizza? If you have guests create their own pizzas, you can provide the toppings, crust, and sauce. Adults can make their own unique gourmet pizzas or the kids can create their own unique topping pizzas.

If you don’t want to order out or make your own pizzas, you can always have a pizza potluck. Each guest can bring their own pizza and everyone can enjoy them.

Go All Out with the Decorations

Don’t forget the decorations! Go all out with the pizza decorations and create your own pizza space. You can find some cool pizza balloons, pizza décor, and other pizza themed items for the party.

What to Serve with Pizza at a Party

Wondering what to serve at a pizza party or what sides go with pizza at a party? Juice and soda are probably the most common for kids. Beer and wine are popular choices for adults. Appetizers are always a good idea to have at a party, even for a pizza party. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Wings
  • Caesar salad
  • Meatballs
  • Bruschetta
  • Mozzarella Sticks

How to Set Up Your Pizza Party

If you are ordering pizza: In my opinion, the best way to set up a pizza party is banquet or potluck style. Set aside a table that has all of the pizza on it. This will allow guests to easily get to the pizza and grab a slice or two.

If you are making your own pizzas: Setting up an area to make the crust and add the toppings is a must. A long banquet table will work great for this because each person can sit around the table rolling out the dough. Then, you can bring the toppings out and let them add the pizza sauce and their favorite toppings.

Set up doesn’t have to be in a kitchen. If you don’t have enough room, designate a space somewhere else and have a couple of adults in charge of taking the pizzas from the set up room to the oven. Either way you go, you will want to place down table cloths or something that will protect the table and the floor! Aprons will also help protect the clothing.

Pizza Games for the Party

These fun pizza party games will make the party even more special and fun. These are games both kids and adults can play during the party.

Pizza Bingo – Bingo is always a fun game to play when it comes to parties. Grab this free printable and let the kids have fun during the party.

Pizza Trivia – Create a list of trivia questions that revolve around pizza for your guests. Everyone can answer the questions and whoever answers the most correctly wins a prize. If you are hosting a large party, you can put guests into groups for the game.

Minute to Win It Games: Fun and simple to set up, minute to win it games are perfect for parties.

Pizza Relay Race: Set up an obstacle course that includes pizza-related challenges. Challenges like having guests carry a pizza box through an obstacle course or racing to put toppings on a pizza would be fun.

Balloon Toss: As kids, balloon toss is always a fun game to play at parties. For the game, have the kids see who can keep the balloon in the air for the longest without it touching the ground.

Pizza Scavenger Hunt: Scavenger hunts are always fun to play. For a pizza scavenger hunt, you can hide pizza-related items around and have guests search for them. The first person or team to find all the items wins a prize.

Pizza Box Art Contest: Have guests decorate their own pizza boxes with markers, stickers, paints, glitter, and other craft supplies. Whoever makes the most creative pizza box wins a prize.

Pizza Party Activities

These pizza party ideas and activities can be a fun addition for guests. Like the games, the activities will bring some entertainment to the party.

Pizza Placemat – Not so much a game, but a fun pizza activity for kids! Print out the placemat and let the kids complete the activities while they wait for their pizza.

Pizza Making Contest – For a pizza making contest, simply divide guests into teams and let them create their very best pizza. You can provide the dough, toppings, and sauce and they can get creative. You can go with savory pizzas or even dessert pizzas.

Blind Pizza Tasting – Have each guests where a blindfold and try different types of pizzas. Guests can rate them based on taste and quality.

Pizza Movie Night – For the party, set up a selection of different pizzas and watch your favorite movies. You can also find movies that have a lot to do with pizza. Movies like “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Pizza My Heart, “Mystic Pizza”, “30 Minutes or Less”, or “The Pizza Boy.”

The best thing about a pizza party is that it’s customizable. You can play any games you want, add in your favorite activities, and more. Many of those factors will depend on the age of the guests and how you want to set up the party. Foodwise, you can serve a spread of different foods or just keep it simple and stick with pizza only.

Hopefully these tips and pizza party ideas can get you started. If you have any other tips or ideas to share, please leave a comment so that we can check them out!

How to Throw a Fun Pizza Party

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