Spring Journal Prompts for Kids

These spring journal prompts for kids will give them some fun things to write about for the season. With these writing prompts for spring, kids can get creative for the warmer weather ahead.

When it comes to spring, one of our favorite traditions is to make some spring cookies. We love these spring Funfetti cookies or a good chocolate chip cookie recipe.

A fun craft is also a good way to bring in the season. Last year, we created a spring tulip wreath that came out pretty nicely. With us focusing more on writing this year in our homeschool, we wanted to keep the theme going, we wanted to come up with some creative spring journal prompts.

Spring Journal Prompts for Kids

Bring in the warmer weather and the writing practice with these fun spring journal prompts for kids.

Spring Journal Prompts for Kids

Creative Spring Journal Prompts for Kids

  1. What are your top 10 favorite things to do outside now that spring is here?
  2. Describe a spring flower that you find particularly beautiful.
  3. How does the weather change in spring? Do you prefer it over winter or summer weather? Why?
  4. What are some animals you might see in the spring?
  5. What are your favorite springtime foods?
  6. If you were to start a garden in the spring, what would you plant?
  7. Spring is the time when flowers start to bloom. Pick a spring flower, research it, and write about what you learned.
  8. What is something new you want to try or learn this spring?
  9. If you could create a spring holiday, what would it be like? What would you name it?
  10. What do you like to do on rainy days?
  11. If you were a butterfly, what would you do? How would you live your life?
  12. If you could design a spring festival, what would it be like? Choose a name for your festival.
  13. How does spring make you feel?
  14. Do you like when the clocks “spring forward” and the time changes? Why or why not?
  15. Tell me why you are happy that winter is over and spring is here.
  16. If you were to plan a spring picnic, what foods would you take with you?

Spring Journal Prompts & Writing Prompts for Spring

  1. Do you have any favorite games to play during the spring months?
  2. Take a walk outside and then write about what you saw, the different sounds, and how you felt.
  3. Baseball starts in the spring. Do you like baseball? Why or why not?
  4. Would you be happy if the spring season was all year long? Why or why not?
  5. How does a sunny day make you feel?
  6. What does spring represent to you? Is it a time of new beginnings or something else?
  7. What is your favorite spring break memory?
  8. Research and explain why storms happen so much in the spring. (farmersalmanac.com is a great resource for this)
  9. Write a creative story about a bunny and a spring flower.
  10. Which spring holiday do you like the most?
  11. Which spring holiday do you like the least?
  12. During the spring, we often do some “spring cleaning“. Pick 3 things you would keep and 3 things you would save. Describe why you would keep or get rid of these things.
  13. What is something nice that you can do for someone during the spring months?
  14. Bunnies enjoy exploring during the spring months. Research more about bunnies and what they do during spring.
  15. What is springtime like where you live? Does your town/city have any celebrations? How does the town look, what do people do?
  16. What are some things you can do to help the environment in the springtime?

These spring journal prompts for kids will allow them to learn more about the season and tap into their creative writing.

In addition to these writing prompts for spring, have the kids try out some mental health writing prompts. As we are coming out of the cooler weather, spring is the time when we can start getting outdoors and feeling better.

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Spring Journal Prompts Printable

Download the Spring journal prompts printable here.

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