Pirate Writing Prompts – Creative Writing & Thinking

Get your child started with creative writing and thinking by using these fun pirate writing prompts! They’ll love using their imagination as they practice writing. Be sure to grab the free printable too!

Last week we featured fun picture farm writing prompts, this week we want to share pirate writing prompts. These writing prompts about pirates are perfect for young elementary-aged students.

While these pirate writing prompts don’t include or feature pictures, they’re a great way to get your child’s creative mind thinking. Their imaginations can go wild as they think of pirates and stories to go along with the writing prompts.

Pirate Story Ideas for Journaling

Pirate Writing Prompts That Are Fun

We love writing prompts for all ages because they allow the kids to use their creativity and imagination. Writing prompts are also a great way for kids to practice and perfect their writing and grammar skills.

Why Use These Writing Prompts About Pirates?

Recently, we were trying to find some information on pirates. Through our research, we came across a story about 8 famous pirates. The kids were so interested that I thought some pirate writing prompts would be helpful in their learning.

Pirates are fascinating for kids and they love to pretend to be a pirate looking for that buried treasure. We are huge believers in tailoring learning activities to your child’s interest and many kids love pirates.

Fun Pirate Writing Prompts

If you have a little one who loves pirates, these pirate writing prompts will help them practice their writing skills, use creative thinking, and more.

  1. Imagine what a pirate would find inside a treasure chest. Describe the different items they may find.
  2. Do you think being a pirate would be fun? Why or why not.
  3. What do you think Blackbeard (the world famous pirate) does when he is not hunting for treasure?
  4. If you were a pirate, and you had a parrot, what would you name the parrot and why?
  5. Write a song about pirates or write a song you think they would sing when sailing the high seas.
  6. What items would you pack if you were headed on a pirate adventure?
  7. You have to convince your captain that you shouldn’t walk the plank. What would you say?
  8. Describe your dream pirate adventure. What would your boat look like?
  9. If you discovered an island as a pirate, what do you think it would look like?
  10. What would be your pirate name and the name of your ship? Tell me why.

Bonus Writing Prompts About Pirates

  1. Do you think pirates still exist today? What do they do? Where would they live?
  2. Tell me about the time you pretended to be a pirate. Did you have fun? What did you do?
  3. Imagine meeting a mermaid on your adventure. What would you say to her?
  4. Do you think Jack Sparrow was real? Why or why not?
  5. If you had to design your own pirate ship, what would it look like?
  6. Tell me who your favorite pirate is and why.
  7. Write a pirate story about a pirate that has been stranded on an island. What does he do to keep himself busy?
  8. Create your own pirate writing alphabet.
  9. If pirates could fly, where do you think they would go?
  10. Research and write about why pirates use eyepatches.
  11. What do you think it would be like if pirates rode dolphins around the sea instead of ships?

Pirate Writing Prompts Free Printable

  1. Imagine you are a pirate captain. Create a journal entry with your thoughts, triumphs, and struggles on the high seas.
  2. Write about what you think a pirate school would look like. What kind of things would the students learn how to do?
  3. Write a story about a group of pirates who accidentally come across a secret map that leads them to an undiscovered island.
  4. Pretend to be a pirate running for president. Write your campaign speech.
  5. Tell a story about a pirate ship filled with pirate ghosts that want to save the world.
  6. Write a story that has pirates using the different tech items we have today (cell phones, tablets, computers, etc.)
Pirate Writing Prompts Free Printable

Download the Pirate Prompts Printable Here

Hopefully, these fun writing prompts about pirates will encourage your child to think and write. It’s always fun to see their imaginations come to life and these pirate story ideas will give them a good start.

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Pirate Writing Prompts That Are Fun and Creative

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