Easy Earth Day Crafts Kids Can Make

Celebrate Earth Day by doing some fun Earth Day crafts and Earth Day art projects. These crafts for Earth Day are a great way to get them excited about the important holiday and to learn more about it.

It’s important for kids to know just how important the planet we live on is and how taking care of it is something that we all should do. To help teach them, you can add some fun Earth Day crafts into the mix.

Kids Earth Day Art Projects

We’re going to show you some fun Earth Day art projects and crafts that you can use to help teach kids more about Earth Day itself as well as the importance of taking care of our planet. You can even use these crafts for Earth Day as you teach kids more about the solar system.

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These Earth Day crafts are easy to make and only need a few supplies. If you enjoy doing crafts, you probably have the supplies on hand already. If not, you can easily find them at your local stores.

To make the day of crafting and learning about Earth Day even more fun, you can put together an Earth Day charcuterie board for kids to snack on.

Benefits of Earth Day Crafts:

  • teach kids more about recycling, reusing, and upcycling (pill bottle crafts were another fun project we did)
  • they can learn more about colors and shapes
  • as they are making the Earth Day crafts they can learn more about conserving water
  • kids can learn more about reducing carbon footprints

Tip: Egg carton crafts are another great idea for Earth Day as you teach them more about reusing and recycling items.

Craft Supplies for Earth Day Projects

Educational Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Earth Day Crafts for Kids

1. Coffee Filter Earth Day Craft – With just a few supplies, this coffee filter craft for Earth Day will be a fun one! It’s great for kids of all ages and only takes about 15 minutes.

2. Handprint Paper Plate Earth Craft – This handprint paper plate earth craft can be used as a wonderful teaching tool, a fun Earth Day art project, and to bring awareness for Earth Day.

3. Earth Day Hat – The kids will have fun making this adorable Earth Day hat. When they are finished, they can wear the hat while doing other Earth Day crafts and activities.

4. Earth Day Name Art – Kids can easily put together this fun Earth Day name art project with just a few supplies.

5. Cute Earth Paper Craft For Kids – This little Earth Day character couldn’t be cuter! This will be a fun Earth Day craft for kids!

6. Earth Day Handprint Craft – Grab the free printable template so that you can create your own adorable Earth Day handprint craft.

7. Painted Paper Plate – Kids can get their hands dirty with this fun painted paper plate Earth Day project and craft activity.

8. Upcycled Plastic Suncatchers – Earth Day crafts are a great way to teach kids more about upcycling. These suncatchers are made from those plastic fruit containers you get from the store.

9. Earth Day Necklace – Make a cute Earth Day necklace using salt dough and let the kids wear them.

10. Mosaic Earth Craft – An easy craft that kids can put together for Earth Day, this mosaic Earth craft has kids using construction paper to create the colorful Earth and it’s perfect for celebrating and learning.

11. Torn Paper Earth Craft – This is one of our favorite Earth Day crafts for kids because it’s a super easy project they can put together. Kids of all ages can make it and you only need a few supplies.

Earth Day Art Projects

To go along with the cool Earth Day art projects, you can pair the crafts with an Earth Day word search or Earth Day scavenger hunt!

Kids Crafts for Earth Day

12. Salt Dough Earth Day Craft – Making salt dough ornaments is always a fun way for kids to get creative. This salt dough Earth Day craft is another great way to celebrate the holiday.

13. Earth Day Heart Craft – Teach the kids how important taking care of our planet is with this fun Earth Day heart craft.

14. Chromatography Earth Day Craft – This is really fun Earth Day STEM craft that uses coffee filters to demonstrate Chromatography.

15. Earth Day Crinkle Leg Character – Using just a few paper supplies, this Earth Day project will be an easy Earth craft for kids to make.

16. Earth Day Handprints – Just a few supplies are needed for this preschool Earth Day craft! Kids will have using their hands to make the Earth Day handprint craft.

17. Paper Quilled Craft – Create the background of the “starry sky” using paint and then quilled paper to make Earth. This will be a fun Earth Day project for kids of all ages.

18. Happy Handprint Earth Day Craft – Another one of our favorite Earth Day crafts kids can make to celebrate and learn more about the importance of protecting our planet.

19. Pencil Holder – Help the kids create this cute Earth Day pencil holder. They can continue to use their finished Earth Day project for the years to come.

20. Earth Day Flower Craft – So adorable! This easy kids craft for Earth Day will help them create a cute Earth Day flower.

Easy Earth Crafts for Earth Day

These easy Earth crafts for Earth Day are a fun way to learn more about the holiday and taking care of the planet we live on.

Use them for projects in your classroom and as a fun activity to go along with learning more about recycling, reusing, reducing, and more.

Kids Earth Day Art Projects

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