Farm Picture Writing Prompts for Kindergarten & Elementary

Use these farm picture writing prompts for kids to help them get creative with their writing! The farm pictures will help inspire them as they write.

Picture writing prompts can be a helpful way to get your kindergarten or elementary child to write and learn to tell stories. When they see the picture, kids get inspired and their minds start thinking, which in turn can help them think of something to write about.

Sometimes, the hardest part about writing is putting your thoughts to words or thinking of something to write. That’s even more true for children, especially younger children who are in the kindergarten or elementary age.

Farm Picture Writing Prompts

Farm Picture Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

These farm picture writing prompts will help kids spark some imagination. They will be able to use the farm pictures on the farm writing paper to inspire what it may be like to live on the farm.

Then, they can take those farm writing prompts and create their own story about the different things they will find on a farm.

As they complete the farm writing prompts, they can put those thoughts into writing helping them make correct sentences, practice their writing skills, proper grammar skills, creative thinking, and more. They can even color the farm pictures that are included on each page of the farm writing prompt!

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Visual Farm Animal Writing Prompts for Kindergarten & Elementary

Kindergarten and elementary aged students can benefits from these fun farm picture writing prompts.

Each page of this collection of farm picture writing prompts have a picture of something you would find on farm along with 3 creative prompts to go with the picture.

  • a barn
  • tractors
  • cows and other farm animals
  • crops and fields

We’ve also included a blank page that you can print off so that you can make your own farm writing prompts. You can also use the blank page to have the kids tell their own farm themed stories.

Grab the free printable farm picture writing prompts below!

Creative Farm Writing Prompts for Elementary Students

If you are using the blank pages to create your own farm writing prompts, we’ve gathered some ideas on creative farm writing prompts for elementary students.

You can either print out your own pictures and glue or tape them to the pages, write the prompts on the paper, or use the list to read off the prompts and have the children write.

The kids can then practice their writing and spelling skills by expanding on the farm writing prompts.

Example: Farm Writing Prompts

  1. If a cow made flavored milk, what flavor would be your favorite?
  2. What would be your favorite thing to do on a farm?
  3. Would you rather drive a tractor or a car every day? Why?
  4. Would your farm have fruit trees? If so, which fruit would you grow?
  5. What vegetables would you grow on your farm? Why?
  6. If pigs could fly, where would they go?
  7. If sheep could talk, what would they say?
  8. Write a silly poem about goats.
  9. What animals would you have on your farm?
  10. Tell me about the time you visited a farm.
  11. Would you rather feed the cows or the chickens?
  12. Do you think it is easy or hard to be a farmer? Tell me why.
  13. If your best friend was a horse, what would you do together?
  14. If you could be a chicken for a day, what would you do?
  15. Write a poem about your favorite farm animal.

These printable elementary farm prompts are perfect for homeschoolers, to use as summer writing activities, or for teachers.

They are even great for learning more about farm animals, growing vegetables, and more.

Free Printable Farm Writing Prompts

Free Printable Farm Writing Prompts

Once children move on to writing prompts that don’t have pictures, these pirate writing prompts are fun to start.

Grab the free printable farm picture writing prompts here!

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