Homeschool Art Curriculum and Art Resources for Kids

Resources for homeschool art curriculum and teaching art through online classes, video lessons, books, and more.

We’ve also included some great resources to help you put together your own homeschool art curriculum. You’ll find some good tips, homeschool art boxes, and ways to teach art at home.

Kindergarten through Elementary Homeschool Art Curriculum

Here is a selection of some elementary art curriculum that are worth checking out. Some also include lessons for kindergarten aged students and can be used as they grow and learn more techniques.

Khan Academy

The art classes Khan Academy offers are great for learning more about Art History. They do have some lessons on the elements of art and the principles of composition.

The art material is free and you don’t even need an account to view the lessons. However, you can set up a free account to keep track of your child’s progress as they go through the lessons.

You Are an Artist – Chalk Pastel

With online video art classes for grades 1-12, the You Are and Artist fine art lessons teach everything from Ancient Art to Modern Art and Pop Art. There is also a free lesson that you can check out before going forward with a membership. If you like the teaching style, you can get a membership that offers hundreds of different video art lessons for your child.

Abeka Art

Abeka is a well known and popular homeschool curriculum. For the Abeka art lessons (Art A, Art B, Art C), they have a wide variety of different lessons from elementary to middle school. Each lesson has different projects and will be teaching kids more about drawing, painting, shading, and more.

Draw Your World

A few art classes are offered from Draw Your World. Through the lessons kids will be learning how to draw whales, bridges, tigers, the world, and more. According their website, the classes are best for ages five to nine.

Middle School Art & High School Art Curriculum and Resources

Creating a Masterpiece

With Creating a Masterpiece, you will get step-by-step expert instructions, as well as video instruction to help create masterpieces. The homeschool art lessons available through Creating a Masterpiece is for all ages.

Waldorfish – Weekly Art and Beyond Program

Waldorfish offers weekly art classes for students to help the learn and grow their artistic abilities. Weekly Art and Beyond includes 32 lessons total, which are delivered all at once. The lessons are all prerecorded so students can take them at their own pace.

Drawing for Everyone – Excelsior

Drawing for Everyone is designed for both passionate art students and those wishing to simply explore this new skill.   We will cover foundational drawing techniques such as:  drawing materials, contours and gestures, negative space, sighting, hidden geometric forms, realistic shading, texture development, proportion, perspective (both linear and atmospheric), composition techniques, and, as a bonus, comic and character drawing. “

Artistic Pursuits

This curriculum for learning art is great for those in Kindergarten through 3rd grade and combines history with art. Each of the Artistic Pursuits lessons includes a story of a culture, video lessons teaching children how to use art materials, and more.

Gather Round Homeschool

Gather Round Homeschool offers an Artists Printed book package that has a mixture of different art included. Not only does it focus on painters, but it explores artistic expressions. For instance, kids will learn more about pastry chefs, interior designers, poetry, and graphic design. Kids can even learn about designing their own shoes and making quill pens through the activities within the lessons.

Next Level Homeschooling

Next Level Homeschooling offers unique and flexible homeschool lessons. They offer art subjects such as visual arts, theater arts, and art history.


Whether you are a homeschooler or simply need help with Music and Art, Lernsys has a premium selection of complete drawing, painting, graphic design, instruments, and music video courses and curriculum by qualified teachers.

Resources for Creating Your Own Art Curriculum

Another option you have is to create your own art curriculum. There are a ton of free and paid resources to help you do so and it gives you the ability to choose your lessons. Art boxes, books, and other art learning resources will help you create your own curriculum for teaching art at home.

Homeschool Art Kits and Boxes

Art kits and crafts can be a great resource to learn more about art and will keep kids engaged by having them do art projects. These are some of the most popular homeschool art boxes we have found.

Homeschool Art Box – A monthly subscription box that includes everything you need to create the monthly featured project. Each monthly box will feature one artist and an art project that is related to that artist’s work.

I Create Art Box – A collection of educational art lesson plans. They have a variety of different lessons to teach art.

Cratejoy – You will find a ton of different subscription boxes here. They have a good selection of arts and craft boxes. The Preschool Box is another fun crafty box that kids will love.

Kids Art Box – The Kids Art Box is great for children. Each box contains 4-5 different creative activities to help kids learn more about art techniques and materials.

Annie’s Creative Girls Club – With this kit, you will receive 2 boxes per month. Each will have a different craft activity that will focus on painting, beading, paper crafting, and more.

YouTube Videos

YouTube videos can be another great way for children to learn about art. They are great for visual learners and the kids can follow along with the videos to draw and design.

Art for Kids Hub – Follow along with the family to create different pieces of art. The videos are perfect for any age and all you need are a few supplies!

Art and Learn – Created by a dad, Art and Learn helps teach everyone from beginners to advanced artists. There are a ton of cool things for kids to watch and learn to draw.

Cartooning Club How To Draw – You will find a variety of different tutorials on drawing in this channel. There is no real instruction though. Instead, the videos are follow along.

Homeschool Art Curriculum and Art Resources for Kids

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