Weather Activities and Crafts for Kids

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These fun and educational weather activities and crafts for kids are perfect for teaching kids more about physical science and Meteorology .

Weather is always an important subject for kids to learn. You can start teaching weather activities as young as preschool and continue on as the kids get older.

These weather activities and weather crafts will be a fun way to teach kids about weather and weather related events. It’s also the perfect time to introduce weather safety.

Fun Activities for Teaching Weather

Weather Activities and Crafts for Kids

Weather Writing Prompts. This is a fantastic way to help kids practice writing as they learn more about weather related events.

Clouds and Rain Weather Windsock Craft from A Dab of Glue Will Do. Not only will this weather craft help kids learn more about clouds and rain, it’ll also help with their motor skills.

Weather Popsicle Stick Craft from Homeschool Preschool. Kids will love making their own popsicle stick rainbows, clouds, other weather related popsicle sticks.

Stormy Weather Craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect. Inspired by a book, this weather craft will teach children more about storms.

Rainbow Facts & Rainbow Coloring Pages from Two Kids and a Coupon. Print and let the kids color these adorable rainbow coloring pages.

Painting with Snow from Two Kids and a Coupon. Use colorful snow to create rainbows and other creations.

April Showers Paper Umbrella from Homan at Home. Create these adorable umbrellas to celebrate the April weather.

DIY Rainbow Paper Towel Experiment for Kids from Lil Tigers. A fun weather related experience kids can do at home, this experiment is a fun weather activity for kids.

Handprint Sun Paper Plate Craft For Kids from Family Focus Blog. A fun weather activity for summer, the kids will have a blast creating this handprint sun paper plate craft.

Preschool Weather Investigation from Rainy Day Mum. Conduct a weather investigation with this fun activity.

Printable Printable Playdough Mats from Little Bins for Little Hands. Print and use these playdough mats to help kids learn more about the weather.

Weather Mobile Craft from Easy Crafts for Kids. Rain and clouds are the main focus of this fun weather craft for kids.

Toilet Paper Roll Umbrella Craft from In the Playroom. Used toilet paper rolls to create this umbrella themed weather craft.

Weather Activities and Crafts for Kids

Clouds in a Jar Experiment from Living Life and Learning. Let the kids learn more about the clouds with this fun experiment.

Thunderstorm Sensory Bin from Taming Little Monsters. This sensory bin focuses on thunderstorms and the weather.

Colorful Weather Playdough Mats from Taming Little Monsters. These fun weather playdough mats are colorful and help kids learn more about the weather.

How To Make A Rain Gauge from Steam Powered Family. Help the kids make a DIY rain gauge and let them measure the amount of rain you get in the spring.

Exciting Weather Card Activity For Kids from Mombrite. Grab the free printable template and let the kids play this activity as they learn about the different types of weather.

Kawaii Weather Story Stones from Ruffles and Rain Boots. Cute and fun, the kids will love making these adorable Kawaii weather story stones.

Recording and Graphing Weather from Rainy Day Mum. Teach the kids how to record and graph the weather with this activity.

Rainbow Cloud Craft from Wonder in His World. Kids will love making this adorable rainbow cloud craft.

Printable Weather Chart from Mama of Minis. You get 3 different weather charts for kids to help keep track of the weather.

Snow Storm In A Jar from Honey and Lime. Help the kids learn more about snow storms with this fun weather activity.

Paper Strip Rainbow Craft from Little Ladoo. Easy and colorful, this paper strip rainbow craft is perfect for young children.

Weather Activities and Crafts

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