Weather Writing Prompts

Weather writing prompts are a great way for kids to get creative and learn more about weather and the science behind it.

Weather is something that affects us every day and it’s fun for kids to write about. It’s also important for kids to learn more about the different types of weather and how to stay safe during weather events.

With these weather writing prompts, kids will be able to share their experiences, and their thoughts, and learn more about the weather.

Weather Writing Prompts for Kids

Weather Writing Prompts

Benefits of Writing About The Weather

There are a lot of fun and educational benefits to writing about the weather. Not only will children be able to research and find out more about the science behind weather but it will also help with vocabulary, critical thinking, and more.

Here is a breakdown of how different writing prompts about the weather can benefit kids.

Weather Vocabulary and Language Development

Writing about the weather with these weather writing prompts can help them learn more about weather vocabulary.

Also, as they write about different weather conditions like it being cloudy, windy, snowy, etc., it will expand their understanding of weather language. These types of weather writing prompts will help them gain more weather-related vocabulary and knowledge.

Science and Earth Science Comprehension

Writing about weather topics can introduce kids to basic concepts of science and earth science. The prompts about weather will help them learn more about weather patterns, seasons, and even the water cycle. Researching and writing these weather writing prompts will also help them learn about how the weather impacts our environment.

Weather Prompts Help Express Emotions

Weather can cause different emotions. Depending on the weather conditions outside, kids may feel different things.

Writing about the weather will help them express those feelings and experiences the different weather conditions bring. Using weather writing prompts can help make it easier for them to talk about these feelings and experiences.

For instance, they can write about how happy they are on a sunny day, how weather can impact their fitness activities or the excitement/dread of snow arriving.

Be Aware and Observe Weather Conditions

When kids write about the weather and use the weather writing prompts, it will encourage them to pay more attention to their outdoor surroundings. They can look for changes in the weather, understand weather patterns, and even see how the weather can impact their days.

This leads to an opportunity of having the kids analyze and predict weather patterns which will help with their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They can also the weather writing prompts to brainstorm and write about ways to adapt and prepare for different weather conditions.

Creatively Describe Weather

Using weather writing prompts provides an opportunity for kids to get creative with their descriptions of the weather. They can create imaginative stories in different weather conditions, or even write weather-themed poetry.

Pair these weather writing prompts with fun flower snacks or weather activities and crafts for even more fun!

Weather Topics To Write About

Weather Topics To Write About

  1. What are 5 activities you can do outside during the fall season?
  2. What’s your favorite thing to do when there is snow outside?
  3. What’s your favorite type of weather and why?
  4. Write a story about a character who is stuck inside during a thunderstorm.
  5. Do you have a favorite season? Why is your favorite?
  6. Explain the importance of staying warm during a cold winter day.
  7. Tell me how you would prepare for severe weather events like hurricanes or tornadoes.
  8. Write a poem about a stormy night.
  9. What’s your favorite activity to do in sunny weather?
  10. Describe 5 different types of clouds.
  11. Tell me about a time when the weather ruined your plans or an event.
  12. Which is better, hot or cold weather? Why do you think it’s better?
  13. Write a story about a character who is stuck inside during a snowstorm.
  14. What’s the worst weather you’ve ever experienced?
  15. Write a short story that takes place during a warm summer day.
  16. Write a letter to a friend describing the weather in your area.
  17. Write a haiku about a thunderstorm.
  18. Tell me about how a rainbow forms.
  19. What state do you think has the best weather? Why?
  20. Explain the importance of sweating and how it helps your body.

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Fun Weather Writing Prompts for Kids

Weather Writing Prompts

  1. Make up a special holiday for each season and tell me about what you would be celebrating.
  2. Describe the weather outside your window right now.
  3. How does it affect your mood when the seasons change?
  4. How does the weather today make you feel?
  5. What is the difference between hail and sleet?
  6. What are your favorite ways to stay cool on a hot summer day?
  7. Describe the perfect weather.
  8. What’s the best outfit to wear on a rainy day?
  9. Explain how a snowflake forms.
  10. Would you like to be a meteorologist? Why or why not?
  11. Explain what a hurricane is and how it is formed.
  12. What state do you think has the worst weather? Why?
  13. Write a story that takes place during a tsunami.
  14. How do you think the weather affects the insects and animals outside?
  15. Why do you think the weather is different around the world?
  16. Pick a country that you would want to visit. Describe the weather they have throughout the year.
  17. Why do some animals go into hibernation? Which animals hibernate during the winter?
  18. Research and tell me what a snow squall is.
  19. Research and write about what causes lightning and thunder.
  20. Predict what the weather will be like for the next 5 days.

Bonus Prompts About Weather

  1. Imagine you are a cloud. Write a short story about your journey through the sky.
  2. Imagine you were stranded in a cabin during a bad thunderstorm. Describe the kind of emotions you would feel and what you would do to stay warm
  3. Write a short story about a group of kids caught in a sudden flash flood. What can they do to survive? How do you think they would feel?
  4. Create a character who has always dreamed of building the perfect snowman. What kind of challenges would he or she face along the way? What would be the perfect type of snow to build the snowman?
  5. If you had the ability to change the weather, how would you use it?
  6. Create a haiku or poem that describes your favorite weather.
  7. Imagine you were stranded in a cabin during a bad snowstorm. Describe the kind of emotions you would feel and what you would do to stay warm.
  8. Imagine waking up to find that everything you touch turns to snow. Write a story about the challenges and adventures you would face.
  9. Research and find out why different insects and animals enjoy the warmer spring weather so much.
  10. Research and find out how birds survive the winter months. How do they find food? What kind of food do they eat? How do they stay warm?

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Weather Topics To Write About - Weather Prompts

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