Flower Crafts for Kids

Flower crafts for kids are a great activity for spring and summer. They can also be a fun educational project for them to work on as the weather starts to warm up.

Kids will love these fun and simple flower crafts for kids. Use them as educational activities as they practice their fine motor skills and they will be a great way to introduce them to other subjects.

For instance, you can use the flower crafts for kids to help them learn more about colors, biology, bees etc. You can pair the flower crafts with this free honey bee life cycle activity to learn more about bees and flowers.

Best Supplies for Flower Craft Projects

  • toilet paper rolls
  • craft sticks
  • cardstock paper
  • egg cartons
  • cupcake liners
  • pom pom items

Easy Flower Crafts for Kids

Kids can also make an easy flower craft for Mother’s Day. Here are some cute flower art activities and flower projects kids can do for spring or summer.

Easy Flower Crafts for Kids

Egg Carton Flower Garden Craft – These egg carton flowers are the cutest things and will be a fun spring flower craft for kids.

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I love Mom Flower Craft – A flower craft for Mother’s Day, this paper flower craft will be a fun activity and gift for mom.

Spring Cupcake Flower Paper Craft – Cupcake liners are used to make this adorable flower craft. It’s great for young children to make for spring and they’ll love using the buttons to make the cupcake liner flowers.

Pipe Cleaner Flowers – Another fun flower craft for preschoolers, this one uses pipe cleaners to make the flowers. This is a great way to get young children into making some fun flower crafts for kids.

Rolled Paper Flowers Artwork – We love this rolled paper flowers craft because it looks like real flowers and will be a fun way to decorate the house.

3D Spring Flower – Super cute! These 3D spring flower pinwheels are perfect for spring and welcoming in the warmer weather.

Spring Flower Crafts for Kids

These spring flower crafts are great for kids of all ages and will be an easy way to keep their artistic hands busy.

Spring Flower Crafts

DIY Coffee Filter Flowers – Here’s an easy and fun way to spruce up your home for spring! It’s a coffee filter flower craft that you can turn into a beautiful accent for your home.

Cupcake Liner Flower Wreath – One of my favorite flower craft ideas is this coffee filter flower wreath. Yes! Coffee filters are used to make the flowers and it looks amazing.

Handprint Flower Cards – Kids will love using their handprints to make the flower petals on this spring flower craft project.

Flower Pop Up Card – How cute is this flower pop up card craft! Let the kids experiment with colors and make the card for someone.

Fork Painted Sunflower Craft – An easy peasy flower craft for kids! I love the bright colors on this pretty fork painted sunflower art project.

Best Ideas for Flower Crafts for Kids

Flowers make the best spring crafts and fun summer crafts. Kids can make the colorful flowers and flower art projects for special occasions or just for fun.

Best Ideas for Flower Crafts for Kids

Easy Paper Tulip Craft – Here’s a fun paper flower craft for kids. Kids can use various paper colors to make fun tulips.

Pressed Flower Bookmarks – Pressed flower bookmarks are a great way to use real flowers in your crafts.

Perler Bead Flowers – Let the kids get creative with colors and flower designs by using perler beads.

Easy Felt Flower Garland – Add some color to your home and have the kids help you make this felt flower garden using bright spring or summer colors.

Easy Paper Flowers – Another paper flower tutorial that shows you how to make beautiful and cute flowers.

Easy Fabric Flowers – These beautiful fabric flowers will be perfect for the spring. You can use them to add to your sewing projects, to make a spring garland decoration, and more.

Paper Plate Flower Garden – Love these paper plate flowers and garden! This will be a great flower craft for kids.

Paper Sunflower Craft – Welcome in summer with some beautiful flower crafts for kids and make this adorable paper sunflower craft.

Pressed Flower Suncatcher – Suncatchers are fun to make and this one uses real flowers that kids can put inside the suncatcher.

Tissue Paper Flower Headband – Tissue paper flowers are turned into a creative and fun flower crown for kids to wear or for imaginative play.

Coffee Filter Window Flowers – Use coffee filters to make small painted flowers to put on the windows. This is a fun craft that allows younger kids to get creative with colors.

Egg Carton Flowers – Egg cartons are used to make the flowers in this fun flower craft for kids. Just a few other craft supplies are needed and kids will have a blast making the flower art project.

Pressed Flower Pinch Pots – Let the kids make their own pressed flowers tray to hold their jewelry or small items.

Tissue Paper Flower Art – Print out a flower template and then have the kids use tissue paper to decorate and create the flower art. Add this to your list of flower craft for kids and they will love putting it together.

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Cherry Blossom Branches – Here’s a beautiful craft for older kids this spring. These cherry blossom branches will be a great DIY flower decoration for their room or the house.

White Sunflower Wreath – An easy flower craft for kids that uses fake flowers from the Dollar Tree. It’s an easy wreath craft that they can put together and hang on the door.

Adorable Flower Crafts for Kids This Spring or Summer

If you’re looking for some fun and easy flower crafts for kids, these are some of the best ideas to get their creative juices flowing.

In addition to these flower crafts for kids, we’ve shared some flower pot crafts that you can make this summer too! Here’s a sample of those, but be sure to check out the full list of flower pot crafts you can make.

Easy Flower Pot Crafts To Make This Summer

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