Egg Carton Crafts

Check out these cute and fun egg carton crafts for kids. Making crafts using egg cartons is a great way to have kids get creative and upcycle material. You can also turn it into a fun learning opportunity.

These crafts with an egg carton are great for preschool to elementary-aged children. You can use them as a way to teach more about recycling or incorporate them into other learning activities.

Crafts Using Egg Cartons

Crafts Using Egg Cartons

What Kind of Crafts Can You Make with Egg Cartons?

There are so many different creative egg carton crafts for kids out there. We’ve chosen a few of our favorites, but the options are endless.

You can use egg cartons to make:

  • Flowers
  • Seed starters
  • Caterpillars
  • Bird feeders
  • Ants and insects
  • Fruits like apples
  • Wreaths
  • Jewelry holders
  • Masks

1. Egg Carton Daffodil

Egg Carton Daffodil

One of our favorite egg carton crafts for kids because it’s colorful, easy to make, and fun for the summer.

2. Egg Carton Bird Masks

Egg Carton Bird Masks

The kids can make these adorable egg carton bird maks and use them outside as they watch the birds. They’re also a great craft when learning more about nature, insects, and other outdoor subjects.

3. Sugar Glider Egg Carton Craft

Sugar Glider Egg Carton Craft

Sugar gliders are unique and interesting. As kids learn more about Sugar Gliders, or if you’re looking for a different craft made with an egg cart, this one is perfect.

4. Egg Carton Treasure Chest

Egg Carton Treasure Chest

This cool pirate treasure chest only uses a few supplies to make and will be fun for kids to make. It’ll also be a great activity for pirate birthday parties!

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5. Egg Carton Apple Tree Craft

Egg Carton Apple Tree Craft

Turn this egg carton craft for kids into a fun counting game. After they’ve made the egg carton craft, they can place items into the shells and count as they go.

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6. Egg Carton Flowers

A cool craft for spring, summer, or Mother’s Day, this egg carton flower bouquet is cute and colorful.

7. Egg Carton Goldfish Craft

goldfish 2 1

Let the kids get creative with this colorful goldfish egg carton craft. They will enjoy painting the egg carton and decorating it to look like a goldfish.

8. Beehive Egg Carton Craft

Use an egg carton to create a beehive for the summer. It’ll be a fun project for the kids to help them learn more about bees.

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9. Egg Cup Rooster

This egg carton chicken craft is a fun one for kids to put together. Use it to learn more about chickens or roosters, or turn it into a holder for colored eggs at Easter.

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10. Spiderific Halloween Garland

This Halloween garland is made out of yarn and pieces of an egg carton that have been painted orange and black for the holiday.

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11. Caterpillar Egg Carton Craft

Egg cartons are perfect for creating caterpillars and it’s an easy egg carton craft for kids to do any time of the year.

12. Egg Carton Ants

For these egg carton ants, all you need is an egg carton, some pipe cleaners, and googly eyes.

13. Egg Carton Bird Feeder

kid made egg box bird feeder 1

What a cute spring or summer craft! Kids can make their egg carton bird feeder and place it out in the yard.

14. Egg Carton Monkey

Loving this easy egg carton monkey craft! It is perfect for young kids and they will love the cute monkey they create.

15. Mushroom Egg Carton Craft

mushroom egg carton craft

Let the kids create these adorable mushrooms with an egg carton and some paint.

16. Egg Carton Turtle Craft

egg carton turtle

How cute is this egg carton turtle! It’s a cute preschool craft kids can put together for art or go along with a lesson.

17. Egg Carton Tea Cup Cards

A fun Mother’s Day craft for kids, this teacup card is made out of an egg carton and is super cute.

18. Egg Carton Boats

Egg Carton Boat By the Pool

Have the kids create these floating egg carton boats for science or for summer fun.

19. Egg Carton Train

f609ba932ae227fd23b95c14769e16ef 1

Another one of our favorite egg carton crafts for kids is this egg carton train.

20. Egg Carton Frog Craft

Egg Carton Frog 3 1

Kids can easily make this egg carton frog craft with a little help and a few supplies.

Crafts Using Egg Cartons

Incorporate fun and learning into your day by helping the kids create these adorable egg carton crafts.

Use them as a rainy day activity or an activity to go along with your lessons.

Egg Carton Crafts for Kids

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