Tissue Paper Crafts and Creative Tissue Paper Art Projects

These adorable tissue paper crafts and creative tissue paper art projects are perfect for kids. Put that leftover tissue paper to use and create something beautiful!

It’s easy to make tissue paper crafts with glue. Kids love designing and using their hands to create some pretty cool things. I’m going to have to think it out.. but… I think adding some tissue paper flair to our next turkey in disguise project will be fun.

Tissue Paper Crafts and Creative Tissue Paper Art Projects

What can we make out of tissue paper?

There are so many things that you can make with tissue paper. Tissue paper is soft, colorful, and easy to work with so the possibilities are endless. A few tissue paper crafts and ideas of what you can make with tissue paper:

  • party decor
  • tissue paper decorations for your home
  • tissue paper flowers
  • holiday decorations
  • art projects for your homeschool
  • creative tissue paper art
  • decorative candle holders

Tissue Paper Crafts for Kids

Tissue Crafts for Kids

1. Glowing Sunset Tissue Paper Craft

These glowing sunset pictures are made from tissue paper. They are easy to make and make a great activity for the kids.

2. Tissue Paper Butterflies

Tissue paper butterflies are super easy to make and kids of all ages can make them. Use them for spring decorations around the house.

3. Owl Pinata

So cute! Yellow and white tissue paper is used to create the feathers of the owl. The owl pinata can then be used for kids birthday parties and other fun events.

4. Tissue Paper Flower Bracelets

A colorful craft the kids can make, these tissue paper flower bracelets are adorable and easy to make! Kids can use various colors of paper to create the bracelets.

5. Flower Art

This flower art made from tissue paper is a great way for kids to practice their fine motor skills.

Kids Tissue Paper Art Projects

6. Paper Plate Tissue Paper Turtle

Create this adorable turtle as a fun summer activity or when you the kids are learning more about sea animals or reptiles.

7. Christmas Wreath

Spice up the front door with this easy to make Christmas wreath. It is a kid friendly craft that’s perfect for the holidays.

8. Picture Frame

This is such an easy craft that will add a little color to your home. The picture frame is decorated with various colors of tissue paper. While the tutorial uses triangle shape pieces, you can create any shape you want.

9. Cute Tissue Bee

A great sprig craft that kids can do as they learn more about bees and how they help pollinate flowers. This paper plate bee uses yellow and black tissue paper to create the design.

10. Tissue Paper Hat

What a fun craft! This tissue paper hat is a fun and style craft for kids to make and pretend play with.

11. DIY Sticky Tissue Paper Heart Card

Kids will have fun creating this sticky heart card for Valentine’s Day. Once finished, they can give it to friends and family.

Kids Tissue Paper Crafts

12. Chick Tissue Paper Craft

Perfect for Easter or Spring, this chick craft is made with tissue paper to create a colorful and fun art piece for kids.

13. Paper Sack Pinata

Create this fun paper sack pinata with tissue paper and you have a wonderful activity for birthdays and parties.

14. Roses

Not just for Valentine’s Day, kids can make these adorable roses for any special occasion.

15. Tissue Paper Fall Tree

Bring in the fall season by having kids create this fun and easy fall tree. Only a few supplies are needed and the kids will have a blast. This is definitely going in our collection of fun art projects for fall.

16. Crumpled Tissue Paper Christmas Art

A fun Christmas craft for the kids to do! This Christmas art project will have them using tissue paper to create holiday ornaments.

17. Tissue Paper Rainbow Fish

These rainbow fish created from tissue paper is a fun summer project the kids can do. You can add them to your list of ocean crafts and activities!

18. Tissue Paper Butterflies

Another fun art project for summer, these butterflies are easy to make.

19. Earth Day Craft

Make this Earth Day craft for your homeschool lessons or while teaching kids more about how important taking care of our planet is. You can pair this up with your Earth Day activities, weather activities, or when learning about how to recycle.

You may also like these solar system worksheets.

Adult Tissue Paper Crafts

Adult Tissue Paper Crafts

We couldn’t leave out some more advanced crafts from tissue paper. These tissue paper art projects would be perfect for older children or for adults.

1. Bleeding Tissue Paper – Birds on Canvas

I’m loving this beautiful birds on canvas craft. The bleeding tissue and water color effect creates beautiful artwork.

2. Flower Bouquet

Create a flower bouquet for any special occasion or to give as a gift.

3. Tissue Paper Pom Poms

I’m loving these pom poms! You can make the pom poms and use them as decorations around the house.

Tissue Paper Projects are Educational

Having kids create tissue paper projects are a fun and educational way to teach many different things. As kids work with their hands to make the crafts from tissue paper, they will be working on motor skills, color skills, and so much more.

Tissue Paper Projects

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