Dragonfly Crafts for Kids

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These dragonfly crafts for kids will be a fun summer project. You can use a variety of materials and colors to make these cute little dragonflies.

Crafts are a great way for kids to work on their fine motor skills and use their creativity. We’ve featured and made a lot of crafts while homeschooling because it can be fun and educational.

For summer, popsicle stick crafts, tissue paper crafts, flower crafts, nature crafts, insect crafts, and bee craft ideas are fun things for younger or older kids to make.

Today, since the warmer months are coming, we want to learn more about dragonflies, their life cycle, do some dragonfly activities, and work on some dragonfly crafts for kids.

So let’s grab the hot glue gun, markers, small pompoms, large pompoms, markers, and other crafts supplies to make some fun dragonfly crafts for kids.

Easy Dragonfly Crafts for Kids

Dragonfly Crafts for Kids

1. Craft Stick Button Dragonflies – These cute dragonfly crafts are made out of craft sticks. Buttons are used for the body and googly eyes to make the face. Kids will have so much fun making these adorable and easy crafts.

2. Paracord Dragonfly Craft – Here’s an easy dragonfly craft for kids that uses a paracord and it’s easy to make the wing shape of the dragonfly. Dragonfly crafts from Red Ted Art are always fun and interesting!

3. Q-Tip Painted Dragonfly Craft – Have the kids use Q-tips to paint colorful dragonflies. It’s an easy craft and they can design the wings with different drops of colors.

4. Clothespin Dragonflies – Use clothespins and pipe cleaners to make cute little dragonflies.

5. Toilet Paper Roll Dragonfly Craft – Take a toilet paper roll and cut it into shapes for the wings and body. Kids can then paint the shapes and create some cute dragonflies to play with. Use glitter glue for some extra fun!

6. Recycled Milk Jug Dragonfly Craft – Use recycled milk jugs to make fun dragonfly crafts for kids.

7. Dragonfly Stick Craft – The dragonfly’s body is made out of sticks you find outside and the dragonfly wings are made out of coffee filters making a fun dragonfly craft kids will love making.

8. Dragonfly Paper Craft – A simple craft for kids, this dragonfly craft is a paper craft that kids of all ages can make.

Cute Dragonfly Crafts Kids Can Make

Cute Dragonfly Crafts Kids Can Make

9. Glitter Dragonflies – These adorable glitter dragonflies are easy to make and fun. You only need a few craft supplies to make them.

10. Dragonfly Pom Pom Magnets – Let the kids make dragonfly magnets they can put on the fridge. You can use colorful pom poms for the eyes and pipe cleaners to make the dragonfly’s wings.

11. Popsicle Stick Dragonfly – An easy to make dragonfly craft kids can make, they’ll love adding the beads to make this cute and simple dragonfly craft. You can use contact paper or washi tape to decorate the body of the dragonfly for extra fun.

12. Dragon Fly Mask – Make dragonfly masks for the kids to wear during the summer. Use the dragonfly template included with the tutorial to make this fun and colorful mask.

13. Coffee Filter Dragonfly – So cute and colorful! Kids can make dragonflies out of spoons and then make coffee filter wings for a fun activity for the summer.

14. Colorful Popsicle Stick Dragonfly – Use popsicle sticks and paper to make this cute and colorful dragonfly craft. You can print out the dragonfly shapes and have the kids color them.

The kids will have a blast making these cute dragonfly crafts for kids this summer! Use them as fun insect activities or when learning more about nature or dragonflies!

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