Honey Bee Life Cycle Activity

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A free Honey Bee Life Cycle Activity kids can do to learn more about the life cycle of a honey bee as they build a honey bee and an educational bee life cycle foldout.

With the weather getting warmer, it’s the perfect time to learn more about a honey bees. One of the ways we are going to do that is by making a honey bee life cycle foldout. It’s a fun cut and paste activity and kids will learn more about each stage of the honey bee life cycle.

In addition to putting together a honeycomb foldout of each stage of a honey bee’s life cycle, kids can build their honey bee with the bonus template provided.

Honey Bee Life Cycle Activity

Honey Bee Life Cycle Activity

Bees are intriguing and they do a lot of the environment. While these little insects are the most popular bee species, there are many more common species.

Why are honey bees so important?

Honey bees are important pollinators for our flowers, vegetables, produce, and garden. They also give us those tasty honey we like to enjoy in our favorite recipes. 

We shared some cute bee crafts for kids but when it comes to learning more about bees, I want to go over each of the types of bees. We’re starting off with the honey bee and as we learn some fun honey bee facts, we can learn more about the honey bee life cycle with an activity.

Life Cycle of a Honey Bee Activity

In this honey bee life cycle activity, kids will learn more about the journey of honey bees as they go from eggs to adult honey bees and put together a cute fold out craft.

Honey Bee Life Cycle Printable

What are the stages of a honey bee?

Details are included in the free printable honey bee life cycle craft, but we’ll go over them here to. Then, if you want to go deeper into the learning you can.

Honey Bee Egg Stage

The life of a honey bee starts at the egg stage when the queen bee lays eggs in the cells within a honeycomb. The eggs are very small and look like a white grain of rice.

Larva Stage

After about 3 days, the eggs hatch into larva, which is the most important stage of development for honey bees. At this stage, they look like small white worms, are blind, don’t have legs, and are watched over by the worker bees to make sure they are fed and taken care of. The worker bees will feed the larva until they are big enough and then cover them with a wax capping to protect them.

Pupa Stage

Once they are capped with wax, the larva will spin a cocoon to develop into the pupa stage. This is when the baby honey bee will develop it’s body parts like it’s wings, legs, and eyes.

Adult Honey Bee Life Cycle Stage

Once the pupa has done fully growing, it will chew through the wax capping and the cocoon and emerge. Since it is now an adult honey bee, it’s time to get to work with pollinating, making honey, and working.

Honey Bee Life Cycle - Make A Honey Bee

Download the full instructions and templates of the honey bee life cycle so you can complete the activity at home!

P.S. There’s a cool Dramatic Play Centers Bee Keeper set that you can get on Teachers Pay Teachers to go with learning more about honey bees! It was so much fun to do.

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