Flower Bookmark Craft with Popsicle Sticks

This Popsicle Stick Flower Bookmark Craft is perfect for summer or spring. Only a few crafting supplies are needed to make these flower bookmarks with pom poms and popsicle sticks for kids.

Popsicle Stick Flower Bookmark Craft

Popsicle Stick Flower Bookmark Craft

This flower bookmark craft will be a fun summer project for kids. You can add them to your list of flower crafts or popsicle stick crafts. Kids will have fun putting them together and using them afterward.

These bookmarks only take a few minutes to put together. The longest part is waiting for the glue to dry but that doesn’t take very long.

Kids will be able to use the bookmarks with their favorite summer books. You can also use the craft as an activity while learning more about flowers, nature, and so much more.

Supplies needed to make these Flower Bookmarks

flower bookmark supplies

Jumbo popsicle sticks: these will be used for the flower stems. We chose the green popsicle sticks but you can choose any color or paint them green.

Pom poms: pom poms will be used to make the flowers. We used different sizes so we have a mix of small and medium-sized pom poms.

Googly eyes

Glue: You can use craft glue or a hot glue gun to make the flowers.

How to make flower bookmarks with popsicle sticks

This is a super easy craft the kids can put together this summer. A little help might be needed for the glue.

pom pom flowers

Use the pom poms to create the flowers by attaching the smaller pom poms to the larger pom pom with craft glue or a hot glue gun.

You can use a mix of colors, make a rainbow flower, or a single color for each flower. After you have them glued, let it set until the glue dries.

flowers on sticks

Once the glue has dried, add a small dot of glue to the back of the large flower or the top of the popsicle stick. Place the flower on the popsicle stick, press down, and let the glue dry.

popsicle sticks with pom pom flowers

The last step is to glue the googly eyes onto the center of the large pom pom. When the eyes are set and dry, the flower bookmark craft is finished.

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