Snow Day Activities Kids Can Do Indoors and Outdoors

With winter here, it is time to think of some fun snow day activities the kids can do while they are home due to the weather.

Remember when we were younger, glued to the television in the morning to see if our school was on the list of closures? The anticipation of waiting to see if we could stay at home and play and the excitement of seeing the school on the list is something I will never forget.

It’s not that I didn’t like school, I enjoyed it. But the winter months are kind of a hump for the school year. Once we got over that hump we knew summer break was closing in and we were on the home stretch. Summer break was what we looked forward to the most because that meant not getting up early and enjoying the summer weather.

Having a snow day just meant one less day of school, and as a kid, it was the best thing about winter.

Snow Day Activities Kids Can Do

Budget Friendly Indoor Activities for Snow Days

These budget friendly indoor activities for a snow day are fun. They are also a bit educational but let’s keep that between you and me. No need to tell the kids because they will have so much fun that they won’t even know they are learning.

Snow Day Activities Kids Can Do: Build a fort inside

Gather the blankets, sheets, towels, and anything around the house that can help you build a fort with the kids. Tip: rubber bands or hair ties work great for attaching the sheets to tables and chairs!

After the fort is built, you and the kids can enjoy a good book, watch a movie, and even camp out for the night. The kids will also enjoy playing with their toys inside the fort.

Make an indoor obstacle course

Obstacle courses outside are fun but if you have enough room inside the house, creating an indoor obstacle course can also be a blast. You can create obstacles for the course with anything you have around the house. Perhaps they can try and jump around avoiding plastic cups or jump from one laundry basket to another. It’s all about using what you have to make something challenging, but fun.

Snow Day Activities Kids Can Do: Crafts and activities are always fun

It’s no secret that kids love creating their own masterpieces and making crafts is the perfect indoor snow day activity. Working on different printable activities can also be fun.

  1. Make this Snow Dough from Natural Beach Living. A sensory play activity the kids can have fun making and playing with.
  2. Polar Bear Activity Sheets. Grab these printables and let the kids complete them while they are home for the day.
  3. Make an ocean craft to remind them of how nice the warm weather is.
  4. Make a snowman out of mason jar lids.

Bake or cook with the kids

Gather the kids in the kitchen and create some tasty treats or meals that everyone can enjoy. What I love about getting the kids in the kitchen is that it’s teaching them how to cook, helping them learn math, and so much more.

Some of our favorite kid-friendly recipes include:

Have an indoor picnic

If you do end up creating a fun meal with the kids, have an indoor picnic with them for some extra fun.

Snow Day Activities Kids Can Do: Work on a science project

Science is so much fun and doing science experiments are exciting. They are also great because they are educational. You can find a variety of different DIY science experiments and the best part is that many of them use items from the pantry.

Play board games

Change up the family game night and add some extra fun to your snow day by having a board game day. Let the kids choose a few of their favorite board games and spend some of the day playing with them.

Have a dance party

Just because the weather outside is yucky, doesn’t mean the day has to be boring. To make a snow day fun, turn up the music and let everyone go wild as they dance the day away.

You can also turn this into a karaoke party. The kids can grab something to use as a microphone and sing along while they dance.

Snow Day Activities Kids Can Do: Enjoy a day of movies

Probably one of the most popular activities to do on a snow day, having a movie marathon is a quiet activity that you can do. So, grab your favorite movie snacks, and some funny movies, and enjoy the day.

Snow Day Activities Kids Can Do: Build a LEGO castle or city

If you have some LEGOs around the house, use them to create a huge castle or city. Let the kids get creative with their designs to see what they can come up with.

Outdoor Activities The Kids Will Love Doing

If the kids are itching to head outside to play in the snow, these outdoor snow day activities are perfect. Just be sure they are all bundled up in something they can stay warm in.

  1. Build a snowman! This is a no brainer but I wanted to add it to the list as a reminder. The best part about playing in the snow is building a massive snowman and dressing it all up.
  2. Make a snow tunnel. Always a favorite for my kids. They loved building long tunnels in the snow through the yard crawling through them.
  3. Paint the snow. Grab some food coloring from the pantry and mix it with some water in a spray bottle. Then, have the kids get creative with their imaginations painting the snow. They can even use the painted snow to make building a snowman much more fun.
  4. Catch snowflakes. When it snows, head outside and see if the kids can catch some snowflakes. Our kiddos always loved trying to catch the snowflakes with their tongues and it was fun watching them try and do it.
  5. Have a snowball fight. Get ready to have a little competition and get everyone outside to participate in a snowball fight.
  6. Go sledding. If the snow is deep enough and you can find a hill that you can slide down, sledding is the perfect thing to do on a snow day.
  7. Freeze bubbles. A fun and educational activity that is pretty cool is freezing bubbles. Grab some food coloring and bubbles and take them outside in the freezing temps to see what happens.

These are just a few fun outdoor and indoor snow day activities that the whole family can enjoy. What do you do as a family when you have a snow day?

Snow Day Activities Kids Can Do

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