Blacklight Squishmallows: Must-Have Addition To Your Collection

Have you seen the new Blacklight Squishmallows? Check out the newest additions to the family with these fun glowing Squishmallows.

They really do glow! Just set the Squishmallows under a UV blacklight and the glowing Squishmallows come to life. These are must-have additions to your Squishmallows collection!

Don’t forget to collect your Halloween Squishmallows!

New Blacklight Squishmallows™ 

Blacklight Squishmallows Must-Have Addition To Your Collections

We found the new glowing Squishmallows™  at Claire’s and we had to grab as many as we could! The Squishmallows collection wouldn’t be complete without them. If you would like to add them to your collection, these are the available 8″ plush Blacklight Squishmallows™ available at Claire’s.


Blacklight Garo

Blacklight Garo Squishmallows

Meet Garo.. a fun and colorful mushroom plush Squishmallow that lights up under a UV blacklight.

Blacklight Umberto Plush Toy

Blacklight Umberto Plush Toy Squishmallows

Umberto is here to make you laugh! He’s a goofy clown that is here to make you happy.

Blacklight Barnet

Blacklight Barnet

Barnet loves waking up early and will bring a little sunshine to your day!

Blacklight Gwendolyn Plush Toy

Blacklight Gwendolyn Plush Toy

“Congratulations to Gwendolyn! This batt bat just earned her PhD in Mad Science. While the rest of her class hopes to use their degree to create monsters or travel back in time, Gwendolyn has a different dream in mind – to glow in the dark! Think she can do it?”

8″ Blacklight Randall

Blacklight Randall Plush Toy

Randall is a Geology student who went to a heavy rock band show and found out that he really loved the music!

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Claire’s Squishmallowsâ„¢ 12″” Blacklight Plush Toy – Styles May Vary – $27.99

from: Claire’s

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