Printable Polar Bear Worksheets for Kids

These free printable polar bear worksheets for kids include a coloring page and a maze to complete.

Polar bears are some of my favorite animals. They are so majestic and beautiful. It’s fun to watch them in their habitat and I’m amazed at how they can live and thrive in such cold weather.

For a fun winter activity for the kids, I wanted something easy. Something that younger children can do to pass the time when it’s too cold to go outside. Last winter, my daughter and I came up with these two polar bear activities for some children she was babysitting.

Printable Polar Bear Worksheets

Printable Polar Bear Worksheets for Kids

Polar Bear Coloring Page. Kids will love tracing Pete the polar bear and they can color his surroundings with this free printable page. They can also trace the words, the polar bear, and the iceberg that he stands on.

Polar Bear Maze. A baby polar bear has fallen behind and it’s up to the kids to find a way through the maze so he can reunite with his family.

Free Printable Polar Bear Worksheets

Here is a close-up look at the two different polar bear activity pages included in this pack.

Printable Polar Bear Coloring Page
Printable Polar Bear Maze

These polar bear worksheets are just something easy and simple you can print out for children. Nothing fancy or complicated.

Print the free polar bear and maze worksheets here!

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Printable Polar Bear Activity Worksheets

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