Valentine Craft Kits You Can Find on Amazon

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Valentine craft kits for kids make for a fun project that will allow them to get creative. Themed just for Valentine’s Day, these Valentine’s Day craft kits are perfect for kids.

Craft kits make the perfect craft for younger children. The kits have everything they need to make the craft and the materials and process are often kid-friendly. They may need a little help with some of the more advanced steps, but not much.

After making the crafts, don’t forget to grab these printable Valentine’s Day cards they can take to school.

If you are looking for some crafts for the older children, check out these Valentine’s Day crafts for teens we put together.

Valentine Craft Kits You Can Find on Amazon

Valentine’s Day Mobile Craft Kit

A super cute craft kit for Valentine’s Day, this one will have them creating a heart mobile that they can hang up.

Heart Box Wooden Craft Kit

The kids will love making this cute wooden heart box for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s DIY Craft Kit Felt Animals

The kids will love making these cute animal themed Valentine’s Day crafts. It’s made with felt so it’s great for younger children.

Valentine Heart Jewelry Kit

A jewelry kit that will have kids making a Valentine’s Day bracelet. Once finished they can wear the bracelet or give it to their best friend.

Felt Valentine Bookmark Craft Kit

Another fun craft the kids can make for Valentine’s Day, these felt bookmarks can be used with their favorite Valentine’s Day books.

Heart Spiral Ornaments

A fun Valentine craft kit for kids that they will love working on is making these heart spiral ornaments. They can hang the hearts up in their windows or decorate the house with them.

Felt Valentine’s Day Tree Kit

Make a cute Valentine’s Day tree with this easy-to-do felt Valentine’s Day craft kit for kids.

DIY Wooden Magnets

Have the kids make their own butterfly and heart magnets for Valentine’s Day with this craft kit. Then, they can hang their Valentine’s Day art on the fridge!

5D Diamond Painting Sticker Kit for Valentine’s Day

For kids who love diamond painting, these Valentine’s Day sticker kits will make the perfect Valentine craft kit for kids.

Creative Valentine Craft Kits for Kids

These easy to make and fun Valentine’s Day craft kits for kids are a great way for them to get their creative juices flowing.

Creative Ornament Kit Valentine Craft Kits

A super cute Valentine’s Day craft kit for kids, this one will have them making creative ornaments.

Foam Valentine Picture Photo Frames Art Set

Kids will love making these cute photo frames for Valentine’s Day! They can add pictures of their friends and family or give them as gifts.

Valentine Craft Kits: Heart String Light Craft Kit for Valentine’s Day

A heart made from string, this Valentine craft kit for kids will make a fun Valentine’s Day project.

Heart Sun Catchers for Valentine’s Day

Making these heart shaped sun catchers will be a fun craft project for the kids this Valentine’s Day. Once finished, the kids can hang them up on the windows.

Unicorn Valentines Card Holder Box Craft Kit

Who wouldn’t want to make this adorable unicorn Valentine’s Day box for the special holiday? If the kids have a Valentine’s Day party at school, this can be their cardholder box!

Valentine Craft Kits for Kids You Can Find on Amazon

After the kids make these adorable Valentine’s Day craft kits, they will love enjoying these chocolate pretzel hearts or mini heart pizzas!

Valentine Craft Kits You Can Find on Amazon

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