Printable Free Valentine Cards for Kids

These printable free valentine cards for kids are perfect for classroom parties. Free Valentine cards printables also make a great gift that the kids can give to their friends for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day cards for kids are expensive. You pay a whopping $4 or so a box. However, printing your own Valentine’s Day cards is a great way to save money and still give your kids the joy of passing them out to friends.

Printable Free Valentine Cards for Kids

Printable Free Valentine Cards for Kids

Cute right?! I love that these are super simple and the first Valentine’s Day card is one of my favorites.

The message “Smile Big. Love More. Be Kind” is a great message that we all need to heed and an important one for kids to remember.

To go along with these printable cards, add some tasty treats to make it extra special. These chocolate covered pretzel hearts are a Valentine’s Day treat the kids will love!

You can also have a themed Valentine’s Day lunch by serving these fun heart shaped mini pizzas.

Grab these free printables cards!

You can print them here!

More Printable Free Valentine Cards

Take a look at these other free Valentine cards that you can print!

Printable Free Valentine Cards

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