Creative Teen Birthday Cakes That Will Impress

These creative teen birthday cakes will impress your teen and be a delicious way to celebrate their special day.

There are so many different creative teen birthday cakes and we’re sharing some of our favorites. No matter what your teen is into, there is a cake for that, or one can be created!

Fun Birthday Cakes for Teens

Creative Teen Birthday Cakes

Creative Teen Birthday Cakes

When it comes to birthday cakes, we go with a theme. This may be a theme that involves their interests, favorite sports, or favorite food.

Since the cake will be the star of the party, there’s nothing wrong with going all out and creating something cool. If you’re anything like me though, you take an idea to your local cake decorator and let them do their magic!

Here are a few of our favorite creative teen birthday cakes!

1. Teen Baseball Cake

Baseball lovers will enjoy this cute baseball birthday cake. To go along with the baseball theme, you can get your teen some great baseball gifts.

2. Pizza Slice Cake

I LOVE this pizza slice cake. When it comes to celebrating a teen’s birthday, pizza parties are always a hit. They can enjoy a delicious slice of pizza, play arcade games, take part in outdoor activities, and enjoy a slice of this fun pizza cake!

3. Smiley Face Cake

Birthday parties are a fun and happy celebration which is why this cute smiley face birthday cake will be the perfect addition.

4. Sprinkle Drip Cake

Drip cakes are always so cute and fun for special occasions. We love this one as a teen girl’s birthday cake idea!

5. Hamburger Cake

If you’re celebrating a teen summer birthday, this hamburger cake will be a special treat to enjoy. To go with the cake you can have a BBQ with friends and family.

6. Melting Ice Cream Cake

Teens love candy and ice cream, bring them both together with this unique and fun ice cream cake!

7. Hip Hip Hooray Birthday Cake

We love this pink hip hip hooray cake. Create the cake with your teen’s favorite flavors and you have a special treat for their special day.

8. Candy Cake

Super cute and colorful, this fun candy themed birthday cake is perfect for your teen birthday celebration.

9. Minecraft Birthday Cake

Our teens still love to play Minecraft. If you have a Minecraft loving teen, this birthday cake will be a great way to celebrate.

10. Teen Birthday Cakes: The Giant Donut Cake

Coated with candy sprinkles, this giant donut cake will be a fun addition to your teen’s birthday party.

11. Cosmic Brownie Cake

Our teens love those Cosmic Brownies so this is a teen birthday cake they will be into. I love how pieces of the Cosmic Brownie treats are incorporated into the design of the cake.

12. S’mores Birthday Cake

Loving the design of this and it’s probably one of my favorite teen birthday cakes because it’s so creative.

13. Taco Birthday Cake

Super cool! This taco birthday cake for teens is creative and fun. Serve them up for your teen’s party.

14. Teen Birthday Cakes: Music Cake

Music lovers will enjoy celebrating their special day with this music themed birthday cake.

15. Basketball Cake

Have a teen that loves basketball? If so, this basketball birthday cake is a great way to go. Don’t forget to check out some of our favorite basketball gifts for kids too!

16. Colorful Textured Cake

Colorful and fun, this teal and purple textured cake will be a fun teen birthday cake.

17. Hollywood Birthday Cake

For movie lovers, this cute birthday cake is all about movies and Hollywood.

Teen Birthday Cake Designs

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