Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

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Check out these fun winter bulletin board ideas for your homeschool classroom. These bullet boards for winter are easy, festive, and educational.

With the weather turning colder in the winter, it’s the perfect time for some indoor art projects for kids. You can use these art projects to create special winter bulletin boards in your classroom or homeschool.

Here are some of our favorite tips and examples of some fun January bulletin boards you can create.

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas for Homeschool

Pick a Winter Bulletin Board Theme

When it comes to narrowing down a winter bulletin board, one thing you can do is choose a theme. Here are a few theme ideas for your winter bulletin boards.

  • Snowmen
  • Winter Weather
  • A reminder of a New Year’s resolution
  • Bears or animals that hibernate
  • Animals that live in the winter biome
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Educational holidays that fall in the winter months
  • Books to read during the winter months

Use Bulletin Boards As An Art Project

Get the kids involved in helping you create the winter bulletin boards. You can use this as a fun art project for kids. You can focus on things like the weather, art themes for each winter month, and more.

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

Here are some of our favorite winter bulletin board ideas or January bulletin board ideas. While many of these are for classrooms, you can downsize them to create one for your homeschool room.

1. Snow Globe Bulletin Board with Writing Prompts

I love this idea because you can do so many different things with it. Make a snow globe with themed winter weather writing prompts for kids to work on. You can also use the snowglobes to feature various subjects you’ll be going over, science experiments, and more.

2. Winter Hat Theme

Use this winter hat project as you brainstorm some fun winter bulletin board ideas. You can create the hats in different colors, cut out paper mittens, write down various winter words, or add weather-related info.

3. Cute Snowflake and Snow Poem

Another snow bulletin board idea for winter. The kids can make various paper snowflakes to add to the winter bulletin board. This example also includes a winter poem that you can include on the bulletin board.

4. Sliding Into A New Year

Penguins are always a cute option for winter which is why they’re perfect for winter bulletin board ideas. These winter animals love the snow and cold weather and this bulletin board will give some inspiration for the new year. Use this as an opportunity to learn more about penguins.

5. Winter Village Bulletin Board

Have the kids help you create a cute snowy village. You can create different houses, add in some agrees, and include some other winter decorations to the bulletin board.

6. Yeti Winter Bulletin Board Idea

Another great way to introduce winter is this yeti-themed winter bulletin board.

7. Winter Wonderland

Have the kids create their own snowy art project themed around what a winter village may look like and use it as the focus of your bulletin board.

8. Winter Bulletin Board “It’s Cool To Be…”


Create three large snowmen that let kids know it’s cool to be calm, caring, and helpful. You can include various scenarios with the snowmen and the kids can create their version of “cool” snowmen. You can also customize the board to your preferred themes.

9. Bear Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

Since bears hibernate in the winter, you can create this cute bear winter bulletin board. For the few months of winter that we have, you can learn more about bears and the hibernation process.

10. Chill With a Book

Since winter is cold, it’s the perfect time for kids to stay indoors more and focus on reading and writing. One of my favorite winter bulletin board ideas is this penguin board. You can feature a new book for each winter month.

11. Winter Blues Books Bulletin Board

Another reading bulletin board, this board features different books that can help kids beat the winter blues.

It’s fun to brainstorm different winter bulletin board ideas. The options are endless really and you can use the bulletin boards as a jump start to learning about many different subjects, objects, animals, and more.

Winter Bulletin Boards

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