Pizza Trivia Game Printable

We’re celebrating pizza with this free printable pizza trivia game and other fun pizza games and activities.

Pizza Trivia Game for Parties

Pizza is one of the most popular foods to serve at parties and for us to enjoy on many occasions. Since we love pizza so much, we thought it would be fun to learn some fun facts about pizza and to make a game out of it.

Pizza Trivia Game Printable

You can use this pizza trivia game for birthday parties, game nights, pizza parties, or as a fun homeschool activity for National Pizza Day, National Pizza Month, or other fun educational holidays.

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Pizza Trivia Questions

This free pizza trivia game includes 11 trivia questions about pizza. You can have everyone try to guess the correct answer or let the kids do some research to find them.

  1. What is the most popular pizza topping?
  2. How many pizzas do you think Americans eat each year?
  3. Where did pizza originate?
  4. What is the most popular pizza chain?
  5. When is National Pizza Day?
  6. When is National Pizza Month?
  7. The most historic holiday movie that has pizza in it?
  8. What was the first American pizzeria named?
  9. What type of cheese is commonly used on pizza?
  10. Which city is famous for its deep-dish pizza?
  11. What is the main ingredient in the dough for pizza crust?

Want to learn more fun pizza facts? These are a few of our favorite places to find facts about pizza for your pizza trivia game or activities.

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Grab the free printable pizza trivia game below and have some fun learning more about pizza!

Free Printable Pizza Trivia Game

Download it here

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