Soccer Party Snacks Treats and Activities

Find some great and easy soccer party snacks, treats, and fun activities for kids! Whether you are celebrating a birthday or a soccer-themed party for any other occasion, these soccer activities and treats will be a hit!

The kids have always enjoyed playing soccer outside with friends and family ever since they were introduced to it by their uncle. They loved seeing who could score first and kicking the ball around. We even had a fun summer soccer day out where the kids would come and play. Then, they wanted a soccer birthday party where we served up some fun soccer party snacks and treats.

Did you know soccer is also one of the most popular kids party themes? I guess I didn’t realize how popular the sport was growing up but as an adult, I realized that it’s HUGE! It’s beloved by many and many enjoy not only playing the game but watching their favorite athletes play.

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Easy Soccer Party Snacks, Activities, & Treats

These cute and easy soccer party snacks, soccer party activities, and soccer party treats will work great for parties and celebrations. Kids will love them!

Soccer Party Snacks

When it comes to parties, snacks are good. Easy snacks are even better so if you’re planning a soccer party soon, we’ve found some easy soccer party snacks to make.

1. Healthy Soccer Party Lunch Snack

soccer lunch fb 1024x533 1

Loaded with fruits, veggies, and a sandwich, this lunch snack is perfect for when you need an on-the-go snack or party meal. Kids will love the mix of meats, fruits, and veggies with this healthy snack box. – Soccer Mom Blog

2. RITZ Pepperoni Pizza Sandwiches

RITZ Pepperoni Pizza Sandwiches

Pizza and parties just go together. It’s a magical combination of two great things and it works well. If you’re looking for easy and flavorful soccer party snacks, these RITZ pepperoni sandwiches will be perfect for the occasion.

3. Turkey and Cheese Rolls Ups

turkey roll ups 1

Roll ups are an easy snack to put together. You can mix and match the different meats and cheese you put into them to create a snack they will enjoy. We love going with some tasty turkey and cheese roll ups.

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Soccer Party Activities & Crafts

In addition to serving up some fun soccer party snacks, you have to think about some activities. Keeping the kids entertained during a party is important and for soccer parties, it’s easy to put together a few ideas on ways to do so.

We’ve shared some of our favorite soccer party snacks, here are a few different soccer party activities and crafts you can incorporate into the party to help keep the fun going.

1. Painted Soccer Rocks

Painted Soccer Rocks 21 1

Have the kids paint rocks to look like soccer balls. These painted soccer rocks are great for young children. The kids can create a soccer ball, put their numbers on the rocks, add their names, and so much more.

2. Paper Plate Soccer Craft

Soccer Craft for Kids 1

Paper crafts are always a fun party activity. If you’re looking for a fun soccer party craft, we love these cute DIY paper plate soccer balls.

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3. Sight Word Soccer Game

Sight Word Soccer A fun way to move and learn while you are practicing sight or spelling words

Add some fun and learning to the soccer party by creating a sight word soccer activity. Only a few supplies are needed and kids will have a blast as they play and learn.

4. Soccer Brain Breaks

Brain breaks are great for kids who are learning, but you can also turn them into some fun soccer party activities. These soccer brain breaks can help kids get their energy out, get them outside, and keep them active.

5. Soccer Party Pinata

Make your own football soccer ball pinata 1

Another fun project the kids can do for the party is to make a soccer pinata. Fill it with prizes and goodies then have the kids bust it open at the party.

6. Soccer Table Game

Table Games 1

Make a soccer table game for the kids to play at the party. They can each make their own to play with and take home.

7. Soccer Cootie Catcher

soccer cootie catcher

Remember as a kid making those cootie catchers. They’re still around today and the kids can make their own soccer cootie catcher for the party.

Soccer Party Treats

After the kids have had their snacks and have taken part in some fun soccer activities, the next idea would be to serve some fun soccer party treats.

1. Soccer Cupcakes

soccer cupcake 1

You can’t go wrong with serving cupcakes at a party. Cupcakes are easy to make and you can pass them out individually to kids. They’re also a great way to ensure they don’t get too much sugar in their system! We love these decorated soccer cupcakes!

2. Soccer Cake

simple soccer party 2 1

If it’s a party, you must serve cake! We heard that a lot growing up so be sure to make you a fun soccer cake for the party! You can customize the colors for the occasion or go with bright colors for the summer.

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3. Soccer Rice Krispie Treats

Rice krispie treats are always great party treats that you can serve. These soccer rice krispie treats are adorable and will be a hit with the kids.

What are some of your favorite soccer party snacks and treats?

Easy Soccer Party Snacks Treats and Activities

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