Fun Cupcakes for Kids That Are Creative & Delicious

These fun cupcakes for kids are both creative and delicious. These cupcakes are so fun that they can be served for parties, special celebrations, and more.

When it comes to parties and celebrations for kids, you gotta have some fun and creative treats for them to enjoy. That’s why we love these cute cupcake ideas for kids.

They are colorful, have fun shapes the kids will love, and they are easy to make. They’ll definitely impress not only the kids, but the adults who join in on the fun too!

Fun Cupcakes for Kids That Are Creative

This collection includes 10 fun cupcake ideas for kids. All of which are topped with color designs or themed designs kids will love.

Keep an eye on this post because we’ll be adding more fun cupcake ideas that kids can enjoy during birthday parties, special celebrations, or school treats.

1. Clown Cupcakes

Clown Cupcakes

Most kids love clowns, I wasn’t one of them, but my kiddos were. So one year for their birthday, we did a clown theme with food, décor, and the whole shebang. These clown cupcakes from The Inspiration Edit are fun, somewhat easy to make, and delicious!

2. Raccoon Cupcakes

Adorable Raccoon Cupcakes

Adorable and easy to make, the kids will love these cute raccoon cupcakes! You can change up the colors but we are loving the blue icing topped on the chocolate cupcakes. They’d make the perfect addition to any woodland creature party or animal themed party for kids.

3. Butterfly Cupcakes

Butterfly Cupcakes

These butterfly cupcakes from Picklebums are super cute and will be fun for any party. The kids can help put them together and decorate them. I love the idea of having these for spring parties, especially when it comes to class parties.

4. Watermelon Cupcakes

Watermelon Cupcakes

Great for summer parties, the kids will love these colorful watermelon cupcakes from Pint Sized Treasures. While they don’t taste like actual watermelon, they sport fun vibrant colors.

5. Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes

Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes

These adorable flower cupcakes from Bitz N’ Giggles are easy to make and fun. The flowers are made with marshmallows that have been topped with colorful sprinkles for extra fun. These make us think of spring so I love these as a special treat for spring parties or even Easter celebrations.

You may also like these Easter cupcakes!

6. Owl Cupcakes

Owl Cupcakes

Owls can be fun and these owl cupcakes from Where Is My Spoon are here to prove that. Oreos and candy are used to make the faces and the kids will love these adorable cupcakes.

7. Fish Cupcakes

Fish Cupcakes

How can you not love these fun and colorful fish cupcakes? They would make the perfect addition to any sea themed party or when you are looking for a cool cupcake recipe that’ll wow kids and adults.

8. Pegasus Cupcakes

Pegasus Cupcakes

These pegasus cupcakes by Julie Measures are one of the most fun cupcakes for kids featured. The chocolate cupcakes are topped with icing, lots of colorful sprinkles, and fondant to make a special treat.

9. Teddy Bear Cupcakes

Teddy Bear Cupcakes

These fun cupcakes for kids are teddy bear themed and will make the perfect party treat, especially for birthdays! The teddy bear cupcakes are made with a chocolate cupcake that is topped with chocolate icing and candy to make the face.

10. Finding Dory Cupcakes

Finding Dory Cupcakes

These adorable Finding Dory cupcakes will be a hit with the kids. They will love the creative colors and the fact that it’s topped with gold fish snacks. Pair them up with some mermaid activities and you can use these for ocean themed parties or for those who love the popular Finding Dory movie.

11. Teddy Bear Oreo Cookie Cupcakes

Teddy Bear Oreo Cookies for Valentines Day Cupcakes

Made for Valentine’s Day, these teddy bear Oreo cupcakes can be used for more than just the holiday of love.

We will continue to be adding some delicious and fun cupcakes for kids so you’ll want to check back often!

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Creative & Fun Cupcakes for Kids

Fun Cupcakes for Kids

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