Beach Getaways in December To Visit This Year

Beach getaways in December can be the perfect way to spend the holidays with friends and family. Beach getaways are also great for when you are looking to soak up the sunshine during the holidays!

Why take at least one beach getaways in December?

To get away from the cold weather. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the cold weather. Or the snow. I should really move since, here in the midwest, we have a 2-3 months of cold weather and I always complain. I mean ALWAYS. But, my family lives here, the kids enjoy it here, and I hate the thought of packing up and moving.

To visit family. If you have family that lives on the beach, or in a warm area with a nearby beach, taking beach getaways in December can be fun for everyone.

It’s different to see the palm trees lit up with Christmas lights. When I was little, the first time we ever went out of the state was to Florida. We went to visit my grandparents for Christmas break and I could not get over the fact that the palm trees were decorated. As a child that grew up where winters were cold and snowy, I’d never seen a palm tree on a warm summer night decorated like a Christmas tree.

For a new experience. If you’ve never been to a warm-weather area during Christmas, you need to experience it at least once! It’s different but different in a good way. It’s definitely something the kids will never forget! As a parent of young children, you’ll love seeing their faces during beach getaways in December!

Beach Getaways in December To Visit During the Holidays with the Kids

Fun beach getaways in December

Whether you are wanting to avoid the cold weather or are looking to spend some time on the beach with friends and family, these are some fun destinations to check out. I’ve also listed some holiday activities that the kids will enjoy doing so they don’t miss out on the Christmas spirit!

Don’t forget the beach travel gear and the beach accessories!

Key West, Florida

Near one of the places I visited when I was young, Key West is a beautiful place all year round. In December, it is fun to see the palm trees lit up for the holidays.

The docks in Key West are full of boats that have been decorated for Christmas and the stores are all decked out in holiday decor. It’s actually really cool to see! The kids will love seeing Santa along the beach and there are a ton of holiday events happening in the area.

  • Harbor Walk of Lights. On the Key West waterfront, you can walk along and enjoy some of the best holiday displays around. Each year there is a nautical theme that honors the maritime history of the area so everyone goes all out with their displays. The events draws crowds but it’s definitely worth seeing the lights, enjoying the food, and taking in the festivities.
  • Christmas Ultimate Adventure in Key West. No snow here! Just fun adventures out on the water. Sail on a Catamaran, go snorkeling, parasail, take out the jet ski, and enjoy one of Key West’s largest ocean water parks. Imagine seeing the glowing faces on the kids as they spend their holiday here!

South Padre Island, Texas

Year-round warm weather, even at Christmas, is why many love going to South Padre Island for the holidays. Not to mention, there are some fun events and activities for the kids to do while they enjoy the holiday.

  • Sandcastles Holiday Style. Instead of making snowmen, you can head to the beach and help the locals build special holiday themed sandcastles. If you really want to see some amazing sandcastles, the Holiday Sandcastle Village is the place to go. They showcase some amazing sandcastle art created by talented artists that come to celebrate.
  • Some of the resorts offer special events for the holidays that both children and adults will have fun attending.


To be honest, anywhere you’d like to go in Hawaii would make an awesome trip in December. While the weather is a bit chillier than normal, it’s still a heck of a lot warmer than in the snow states. If I remember right, it can rain frequently during the month of December. Don’t let that get you down though, it’s still beautiful. The worst thing about going in December is that it’s the busiest time of year there. You’ll likely find that the best areas are packed full of people who also want to enjoy the warm weather for the holidays.

No matter what part of Hawaii you visit for Christmas, you’ll find plenty of activities and fun to be had.

  • Instead of seeing Santa on a sled, you’ll find Santa decked out in his surfing gear and Hawaiin shirts.
  • There’s a Norfolk Pine tree in Honolulu that stands around 50 foot tall and is decorated like no other tree. You may even catch a glimps of Santa and the Mrs. as you enjoy the area.
  • The islands are full of beautiful light displays, parades, festivals, and other activities during the holidays.

There you have it! Three of the best getaways to take during the holidays when you want to go where the warm weather is.

Happy traveling!

Beach Getaways in December

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