Beach Themed Crafts To Make This Summer

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These beach themed crafts will make the perfect accent to add to your home or for those who enjoy beach living.

Right now, the weather here is cold. In the summer months, we get to enjoy the warm weather and fun in the sun. In the winter months, we daydream about when we can head out to the beach. So while we wait for the warm weather to arrive and our beach adventures to begin, making beach crafts is an alternative.

We’ve also included some fun beach crafts for kids. They will love putting together the crafts as they prepare for a fun beach day. They will also make a great inside activity to make after a long day outside enjoying the beach.

If you are headed to the beach, don’t forget to take these much needed items:

And, if the kids enjoy making beach crafts, they’ll love these ocean activities and mermaid activities! To add some sweetness to their day, you can make some cute mermaid or sea themed rice krispie treats.

Beach Themed Crafts To Make This Summer

These beach themed crafts to make are geared more towards adults and older children. They’re a little more advanced compared to the crafts we’ve included for younger children.

Beach Themed Crafts To Make This Summer

$5 DIY Shell Wreath from The Roots of Home. A simple and inexpensive beach craft for kids and adults, this shell wreath will look great on the door.

Fun & Simple Beach Roll-up Bag from Beginner Sewing Projects. A really simple sewing project that’s perfect for summer, this colorful and fun beach roll-up bag will come in handy.

Beach Themed Crafts To Make - Beach Terrarium

Beach Terrarium from Crafts by Amanda. So cute! This beach terrarium craft will be perfect for your coastal decor.

DIY Beach Inspired Stained Glass Vase from Mom Endeavors. Inspired by beach living, this stained glass vase will look beautiful in your home.

Beach Themed Crafts To Make - Seashell Necklace

Seashell Necklace from Moms and Crafters. Use seashells from the beach to create this fun seashell necklace.

Beach Jar from Ottawa Mommy Club. A fun and easy beach craft the kids can put together, this beach jar is perfect for summer.

Flip Flops Door Hanger

Flip Flops Door Hanger from Ann’s Entitled Life. Use summer flip flops to create a fun door hanger to welcome guests. If you are looking for colorful beach themed crafts, this door hanger is the way to go.

Beach Towel Cover Up from Happiest Camper. Turn your beach towel into a cover-up while you are enjoying the sand and water.

On the Beach String Art

On the Beach String Art from Love Our Real Life. Create a beautiful seahorse out of string with this beginner string art tutorial.

Seashell Mirror from Ann’s Entitled Life. Use seashells to add some coastal flair to your room with this seashell mirror tutorial.

Beach Themed Terrarium Nightlight from Tonya Staab. A fun nightlight idea that’s perfect for beach lovers!

Beach Sign Ornaments

Beach Sign Ornaments from Crafts by Amanda. Perfect for coastal designs or accents, these beach sign ornaments are easy to make.

Tie-Dye Beach Towels from Mom Endeavors. Take these DIY tie-dye beach towels to the beach with you!

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Beach Crafts for Kids To Make

These easy beach themed crafts are perfect for kids to make this summer. They will love using their hands to get creative!

Beach Themed Crafts for Kids

Apple Stamped Crab Kids Craft from Make and Takes. An easy craft for young children, this crab craft uses apples to stamp the design.

Paper Plate Seashell Craft from Artsy Craftsy Mom. Paper plates, strings, and paint are all you need to make this fun kid-friendly beach craft.

Papercraft Jellyfish from Frosting & Glue. A cute jellyfish craft for kids that they can do after some beach fun.

Beach-in-a-jar Seashell Keepsake Craft from Moms and Crafters. Make your own beach at home with this beach in a jar keepsake craft.

Seashell Flower Garden Craft from Artsy Craftsy Mom. An adorable beach craft for kids, this seashell garden flower craft is fun to make.

Sea Themed Popsicle Stick Crafts from In the Bag Kids Craft. Kids will love making these cute sea-themed crafts from paper and popsicle sticks.

Sea Shell Fish in an Aquarium

Sea Shell Fish in an Aquarium from Artsy Craftsy Mom. Another fun and adorable seashell craft for kids to make.

Crab Papercraft from Frosting and Glue. The kids will have a blast creating their own paper crabs.

Paper Plate Beach Craft from Crafts on Sea. A fun beach-themed activity for kids, this paper plate beach scene looks great.

Save these beach themed crafts for later! Add the beach themed crafts to Pinterest so that you can save them for when you are ready to make!

DIY Beach Themed Crafts

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