Ugly Sweater Coloring Page Free Printable

Tis the season for this ugly sweater coloring page! It’s a free printable that you can use for holiday parties or as a coloring activity for kids.

When we were filling out the Christmas wishlists, the kids decided that they also wanted to do ugly sweaters this year. Since I don’t have any sweaters we can use to make our own ugly sweaters yet, I thought maybe a coloring page would suffice for now.

Free Printable Ugly Sweater Coloring Page

ugly sweater coloring pages

Ugly Sweater Coloring Page Free Printable

Luckily, it did! With this free printable ugly sweater page, they were able to practice the designs they wanted to use for the real ugly sweaters. Plus, we could use them as a fun activity once we made our Christmas candy crafts or watched our favorite Christmas movies.

We plan to use their designs as kind of a template and it also gave me some ideas on what kind of supplies we will need.

This isn’t anything too fancy. It’s just a simple page that will allow the kids to decorate their own ugly sweaters. You can use this as practice before you make your own sweaters or just as a fun budget friendly Christmas activity for the kids.

Need some ugly sweater design ideas? Just take a look around the internet and you’ll find a ton of different design ideas for your ugly sweater!

Customize your own hilarious Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Happy Coloring!

Ugly Sweater Coloring Page Printable

Download the free printable ugly sweater coloring page here!

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