Printable Christmas Wish List for Kids

If the kids are excited about Christmas, this printable Christmas wish list is an easy way to get them even more excited.

I love printable Christmas wish lists! You can print them out and have the kids write down what they want. This printable wish list for Christmas also has a few other things to fill out.

This year I wanted to change it up and create something that wasn’t just a list. I wanted it to be more detailed.

Wish lists for Christmas also help give you and the family some gift ideas! Plus, it is a fun activity that the kids can do as the holidays get closer. It’s also a budget friendly Christmas activity for the kids!

Printable Christmas Wish List for Kids

Printable Christmas Wish List for Kids

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Printable Christmas Wish List for Kids

At the top of the Printable Christmas Wish List for Kids, they can fill out the top of the list with their information such as their name and age.

The next section allows them to write a few ideas of what they need, what they want, what they’ll wear, and what they’ll read.

Looking for some gift ideas?

The last section lets them list some of their favorite things. They can name their favorite movie, color, flavor, snack, candy, and more.

Speaking of Christmas snacks and treats, we love these reindeer celery sticks, snowman donuts, Santa wafer cookies, and Christmas Cookies.

The kids can also fill this printable Christmas wish list while enjoying some winter hot chocolate bombs.

Printable Christmas Wish List

This wish list for Christmas is a fun Christmas activity for kids to do as they get ready for the holidays.

After the kids have filled out the wish list printable for Christmas, they can share it with the rest of the family. Sending it to Santa is another fun option that the kids will love doing!

This is a great way to give the family some ideas on what to get them for Christmas.

It could also make a great activity for the kids to do on a laid back homeschool day as they gear up for the upcoming holidays.

Print the Christmas Wish List Here

Printable Christmas Wish List

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