Free Christmas Gift Tags You Can Print At Home

Grab these free Christmas gift tags printables for the holidays! Cute, and perfect to add to your holiday presents, these tags feature snowmen, Santa, and bells.

I’m horrible about purchasing gift tags. I ALWAYS forget and when I do buy a pack of them at the store, I misplace them. I usually find them after the holidays are done, when they aren’t needed of course!

Free Christmas Gift Tags

Free Christmas Gift Tags You Can Print At Home

Thankfully, when I do forget to get gift tags or I lose them, I can get into my stash of Christmas gift tag printables!

It is a beautiful folder of gift tags stashed on my computer that I’ve gathered over the years. I also have a stash of printable Christmas cards for the kids to make each year.

Free Christmas Gift Tags Printables

Brand new to my collection of printable gift tags, these printable Free Christmas Gift Tags are cute and fun. I love snowmen, so I had to include those. Then, I also wanted a few that were kid-friendly or could be used for general gifts.

I love that with these Free Christmas Gift Tags, you can simply print, cut, and attach them to the gifts.

Sometimes I will use a hole puncher to make a hole in the top corner and tie it on with a ribbon. Other times, I will just cut them out and put a small piece of rolled tape on the back.

I guess it really just depends on the gift and my mood that day. However, I do recommend tying them on with a ribbon. It just makes the gift tags more festive and better looking.

Free Gift Tags You Can Print At Home

This PDF includes 4 different styles of Christmas gift tags. As you can see in the image above, we have a simple Merry Christmas tag, two different snowmen-themed tags, and a Santa tag.

You can print as many as you need when you need them, so if you’re like me and lose track of them, be sure to download and save these!

Free Christmas Gift Tags You Can Print At Home

They will come in handy when you need a last-minute gift tag for Christmas presents!

Grab the free gift tags here!

Printable gift tags can also save you money!

Since printable gift tags are often free, they can help save you money when it comes to the holidays! I know purchasing gift tags at the store isn’t too expensive, but it certainly adds up especially after you buy the wrapping paper and your child’s favorite robot pet toy!

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