The Ultimate List of Thanksgiving Books for Kids

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This is the ultimate list of Thanksgiving books for kids. We’ve included everything from fun picture books for young readers to activity books and more.

These books are great for reading after a fun game of Thanksgiving bingo or party activities. You can also read them as bedtime stories leading up to Thanksgiving or to teach them about the holiday. They can learn why we celebrate it and the history behind it.

Fun Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Picture Books for Young Readers

These picture books for Thanksgiving are perfect for young readers. Kids will love looking at the images as they follow along with the story.

Thanksgiving Chapter Books the Kids Will Love

Great for middle school students or elementary, these chapter books are all about Thanksgiving.

The Ultimate List of Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Thanksgiving Activity Books

If you are looking for more of an activity book that the kids will enjoy, these Thanksgiving activity books are perfect. The kids will love completing and solving the puzzles and word games.

The Ultimate List of Thanksgiving Books for Kids

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