Thanksgiving Bingo Cards Free Printable Game for Kids

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A fun activity and game for kids, you will want to grab these free Thanksgiving bingo cards! These Thanksgiving bingo cards are free to print, for personal use. Staying on a budget, we like free so these are a must have for us!

The set comes with 10 bingo cards. There are 2 bingo cards per sheet, so you will want to cut the pages in half and each person gets a card.

Also included are the Thanksgiving bingo calling cards. There are 6 or so to a page for those so you can cut them out and use them for the game.

Fun extras for Thanksgiving bingo:

  • Use candy corn or their favorite Thanksgiving candy as the markers so the kids can keep track of their spaces called. (Might be a good idea to have extra candy handy, in case the kids eat a few of them!)
  • Offer fun Thanksgiving themed prizes for the winners. You can find some pretty cool fall party favors that work well for prizes.
  • For every card that is called, have the kids say one thing they are thankful for this year.
  • Use the Thanksgiving bingo cards as a fun learning tool to help teach kids more about the Thanksgiving holiday. With each card, you can teach them a little history about the holiday and why we celebrate it.

Bingo is also a fun party game! Let the kids play a fun game of Thanksgiving bingo after the big turkey dinner or for parties with friends and family. Just thinking about Thanksgiving, I can’t wait for the green beans!

In addition to playing bingo, they can read some of these fun Thanksgiving books! Even the adults can join in and have some fun during the holiday!

Thanksgiving Bingo Cards Free Printable Game

Download the free printable Thanksgiving Bingo Cards here

Free Printable Thanksgiving Bingo Cards

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