Turkey In Disguise Ideas

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Turkey in disguise ideas that the kids will love putting together! Fun and interesting ways to disguise a turkey so he doesn’t get eaten on Thanksgiving!

While decorating pumpkins season is over, it’s time to focus on our yearly ideas to disguise a turkey project. This is a great homeschool turkey craft for Thanksgiving or fall art project for kids. The kids always love coming up with different turkey in disguise ideas and then creating them.

Sometimes it’s hard to pick just one turkey in disguise ideas because a lot of these disguise a turkey crafts are so fun and cute!

Tip: Once you’ve chosen and completed one of these turkey in disguise ideas, you can add them to your fall bulletin board, hang them on the fridge, or decorate your homeschool room with them.

What are some good turkey in disguise ideas?

Turkey In Disguise Ideas

After the kids are done working on their turkey in disguise ideas, let them enjoy some fun Thanksgiving activities:

Disguising Turkey Ideas Kids Can Make

Check out these disguised turkey ideas that we found! These ideas to disguise a turkey are creative and fun! They will make a great Thanksgiving project the kids can work on during the Fall season too.

1. Spiderman!

Turkey superhero to the rescue! One fun way to disguise a turkey is to make him look like Spiderman! Spiderman is a popular superhero that kids adore and kids will have a blast as the turkey disguises himself like Spiderman.

2. Ballet Dancer

It’s not a turkey… it’s a ballet dancer! Have the kids craft a ballet dancer turkey disguise for Thanksgiving to see if the turkey can hide! This is a fun turkey disguise project kids will enjoy putting together this year.

3. Minion

You’ll never find the turkey hiding in this Minion disguise! Have the kids turn the turkey into a cute Minion and no one will ever see where the turkey is really hiding!

4. Turkey Disguise Ideas: Christmas Tree

No turkey here… just a Christmas festive and colorful tree! Use glitter, candies, or anything you want to disguise a turkey as a Christmas tree.

5. The Flash

Another great superhero that kids love, this turkey disguise will have him look like The Flash.

6. A Starbucks Cup

Turn your turkey into a Starbucks cup with this turkey in disguise project.

7. Sonic the Hedgehog

This creative turkey disguise project will have kids turning the turkey into Sonic the Hedgehog.

8. Turkey Bubble Gum Machine

Who doesn’t love a fun gumball machine? Disguise a turkey as the gumball machine and no one will ever know where to find him!

9. The Grinch

It may not be Christmas yet, but this turkey in disguise project will have them create a festive Grinch turkey.

10. Unicorn

Colorful and fun, kids can make a project disguising a turkey as a unicorn. They will love getting creative and adding sparkles and gems to the turkey outfit.

11. Astronaut

This turkey disguise project will have them dressing up their turkey like an astronaut! Make it a learning lesson with this printable solar system packet.

12. Baseball Player

Disguise a turkey like their favorite baseball player. Kids can choose their favorite team and/or player to disguise the turkey as.

13. Gumball Machine

Add some fun math activities into your disguise a turkey project by making him into a bubble gum machine. Kids can count the pom poms as they create the bubble gum pieces used for the turkey disguise.

14. Olaf

You can never go wrong with creating an Olaf turkey disguise. Straight from a favorite Disney movie, this turkey is hidden well.

15. Harry Potter

Harry Potter never goes out of style which is why disguising the turkey as Harry Potter is so creative and popular.

16. Diquise a Turkey Dinosaur

A turkey in disguise as a dinosaur! Have the kids use construction paper to create the turkey in disguise dinosaur.

17. Christmas Grinch

18. Gingerbread Man Turkey

19. Wonder Woman

20. Mermaid

21. L.O.L Star

22. Crayola Superhero

23. Mail Man

24. A Poodle

25. Witch

26. Among Us Imposter

27. Bowling Theme

28. French Fry

29. Crayola Color Wheel

30. Minnie Mouse

Disguise A Turkey Ideas

31. Turkey Disguised As A Donut

32. Penguin Turkey

33. The Reindeer Turkey in Disguise Project

34. Turkey Disguised As A Christmas Tree

35. Turkey Grinch Disguise Idea

36. Turkey Spaceman Suit

37. The Surfer Turkey

38. Turkey Beachgoer

39. Turkey Poodle

40. Turkey Disguised As Harry Potter

Turkey in disguise ideas: characters from books like this Harry Potter turkey.

41. Pizza Delivery Turkey Disguise Idea

Who doesn’t love pizza? This creative pizza turkey in disguise idea is fun for kids to create.

42. Ca”turkey” boy

43. Ninja Turtle Turkey

44. Disguise A Turkey As Baby Yoda

You can never go wrong with turning a turkey in Yoda. Star Wars fans will love creating this cute disguise a turkey project.

45. Disguise a Turkey Dinosaur

46. Harry Potter Turkey In Disguise

47. Mario Turkey In Disguise

48. Construction Worker Turkey In Disguise

49. Minecraft Turkey in Disguise Ideas

50. Scarecrow Turkey Disguise

We love these creative turkey disguise crafts! Use these turkey in disguise ideas for your homeschool Thanksgiving projects to help promote creativity and fun.

Have you made any disguise a turkey crafts? If so, we’d love to hear your favorite turkey in disguise ideas!

Turkey In Disguise

turkey disguise crafts for kids

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