Fun Facts About an Elephant Printable + Trivia Activity

This fun facts about an elephant printable and trivia activity will have kids learning about our favorite long trunked creatures.

A few weeks ago we learned some facts about fish that I shared. Then we did tornado facts. This week, we want to do some interesting fun facts about an elephant that kids will enjoy learning about.

Fun Facts About an Elephant Printable + Trivia Activity

Elephants are amazing creatures!

Ever since I was a little I’ve been amazed with elephants and everything they can do. It all started with a trip to the zoo where we had the chance to ride an elephant and learn more about them.

It was amazing to learn more about these mammals and I always enjoy sharing some little tidbits with the kids.

Fun Facts About Elephants for Kids

Fun Facts About an Elephant

As we learn more about elephants, I wanted to share some of my favorite fun facts about an elephant.

1. Fun Facts About An Elephant – They Eat A LOT!

If you’ve seen an elephant, you’ve probably seen it eating. Elephants eat a ton. In fact, elephants, especially those in the wild, can eat anywhere from 100-1000 pounds of vegetation in a 16 hour period.

2. An Elephant’s Trunk is Used for Many Things

Elephants use their trunk for a variety of different things. An elephant’s trunk has approximately 15,000 muscle units and is one of the most sensitive organs.

In fact, here are just a few things they use their trunk for:

  • to pick up objects
  • they use it as a snorkel when they are swimming
  • elephants use their trunk to suck up the water they drink
  • it helps them breathe
  • it gives them a powerful sense of smell
  • they use their trunk to put food in their mouths
  • their truck is used to lift, dig, and move things around
  • elephants use their trunks to play and show affection to others

3. Elephants Are Family Oriented

In general, elephants are family oriented and are close with members of their family. Baby elephants can stay with their mom for up to 10 months as they learn gain knowledge about survival.

In addition to elephants being family oriented, they are also very social and can show distress, compassion, and kindness.

4. There Are 3 Species of Elephants

The three types of species include Asian elephants, African elephants, and African Savannah elephants. Though many only categorize them into 2 species, Asian and African. Asian elephants are considered endangered.

Tip: You can tell an Asian elephant apart from an African elephant by their ears. African elephants have much larger ears.

5. Elephants Weigh A LOT!

One of the most intriguing fun facts about an elephant is how much it can weigh. Elephants can weigh in between 4,000 to 15,000 pounds once fully grown. Certainly wouldn’t want to go up against one of these in a strength contest!

Elephant Family

6. They’re the World’s Largest Land Mammal

The African elephants are the world’s largest land mammal. Adult males reach their full size between 35-40 years of age and can be as tall 3m high.. that’s nearly 10 feet! Can you imagine going up against and elephant?

7. Fun Facts About An Elephant: They Have Thick Skin

Elephants have some of the thickest skin to help protect themselves. The wrinkles in their skin help them retain water. To keep their skin from getting sunburned, elephants take mud baths or throw dust/dirt onto themselves.

8. Elephants Are Herbivores

Elephants are constantly eating and their diet consists of grassy greens, shrubs, twigs, and fruits.

9. Elephants are Smart

Another one of my favorite fun facts about an elephant is that they are super smart. They can pick up on things quickly and retain or remember a lot of things.

10. The Elephant’s Closest Living Relative Is The Hyrax

The Hyrax, which looks like a large guinea pig with an overbite is the closest relative to the elephant species.

Fun Facts About an Elephant Printable + Trivia Activity

We’ve put together a fun printable fact sheet about elephants that kids can read over. Along with the fact sheet, you will find a trivia page that kids can research and write the answers to.

Fun Facts About an Elephant Printable + Trivia Activity

Download the Elephant Trivia Pack Here

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