Free Printable Summer Bingo Game for Kids

These free printable summer bingo game cards for kids will be a great way to bring some fun for the summer!

We shared our 4th of July activity set last week and this week we wanted to share our fun free printable summer bingo cards. These are free so you can print them out and have them ready to go for your summer parties.

I’m so thankful the cold weather is out of here! It’s good to be able to see the green, smell the fresh cut grass, and be able to enjoy the warmer weather. Our spring cleaning is even finished so we can enjoy some fun in the sun!

Free Printable Summer Bingo Game for Kids

Free Printable Summer Bingo Game for Kids

With this cute bingo game for summer, we included 10 individual cards and calling cards. We wanted to make large cards so that it was easy for the younger kids to see. Each summer bingo card is on it’s own page so it’s big and fun for even the younger kids.

The kids can enjoy this free printable summer bingo game during summer parties, before they hit the beach, or during a summer picnic.

How to Play Summer Bingo:

It’s easy to play! Just print out the free summer bingo cards and calling cards. Then, cut around the calling cards so that they are separated. There are 6 on each page.

Before you start passing out the cards and playing bingo, find some fun spot markers that can be used. Just something that the kids can use to keep track of the cards that have been called. We use these kid-friendly bingo daubers below.

You can also find some fun prizes for the bingo winners. Summer themed fidget toys or other small gifts can work.

Once you have everything together, it’s time to start playing! Grab the kids, pass out the cards, and use the calling cards to play bingo.

The kids will have a blast as they see who can be the first to get a bingo with this free printable summer bingo game.

Snacks or Treats To Enjoy While Playing Bingo

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Free Printable Summer Bingo Game for Kids

Grab the Summer Bingo Cards Here and the Calling Cards Here


  1. I printed out the Summer Bingo. There is no regular tree in the calling cards but there are 2 of the pink striped hand bag.

    1. homeschoolhappiness says:

      Thank you! I have updated the calling cards, which you can print out by themselves. The link will be right after link to the bingo cards.

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