4th of July Activity Pack Free Printable

A free printable 4th of July activity pack that the kids can do to celebrate Independence Day. It’s fun and free. It doesn’t get any more budget-friendly than that!

Before the kids enjoy the fun 4th of July festivities, the July 4th fruit desserts, and the patriotic ice cream brownie desserts, an activity pack is great entertainment.

Fun, with a little bit of summer learning, is what this 4th of July activity pack is all about!

4th of July Activity Pack Free Printable

4th of July Activity Pack Free Printable

Fun, colorful, and patriotic! We, and the kids, love everything about this free printable 4th of July pack.

So what’s included in the free printable 4th of July activity pack?

The set contains 4 different activity pages for the 4th of July. Each page can be printed as many times as you want. So if you need multiple copies of the entire pack or just want to print off a few extra pages, you can do it!

  • July 4th Word Search – the kids will have fun trying to find all of the patriotic words in this search and find.
  • Tic Tac Toe – because everyone loves a good game of tic tac toe! They can play tic tac toe with family or friends.
  • Coloring Page – the gnomes are all dressed up for the 4th of July! Kids can color the gnomes as they wish, or color them in festive patriotic colors.
  • 4th of July I Spy – See how many patriotic symbols they can find in the I Spy activity page!

Younger children may need help with the patriotic word search because a few of the words are a bit challenging. However, it would be a great opportunity to get the siblings and family involved with the fun!

Can’t you just picture the kids sitting together and working on the activities together? haha. It could happen.. it’s worth dreaming about right? I know it wouldn’t go over so well here, but the thought is nice. Instead, we have to print out multiple copies of the free printable so that each child has their own.

For the tic tac toe page, I’ll usually print out a few extra pages just so that once they have completed it, they can continue playing tic tac toe. It seems to be one of their favorite pages in the activity pack.

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4th of July Activity Pack Free Printable for Kids

Grab the 4th of July printable activity pack here.

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