Fun Facts About Fish Every Kid Should Know

Fish are everywhere so learning some fun facts about fish for kids always provides you with some interesting information.

Fish are the rulers of the water world. You can find them in both freshwater and saltwater. You see them in ponds, zoos, as pets in fish tanks, and more.

Since fish are all around us, we wanted to feature some fun facts about fish for kids. These interesting and fun facts about fish are good to know and kids will enjoy finding out more about them.

As an added bonus, these fun fish facts could be used as unit studies or learning material in your homeschool.

Fun Facts About Fish Every Kid Should Know

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Fun Facts About Fish

Ready to learn some interesting and fun facts about fish? Fish are amazing creatures and it’s always fun to learn something new so the kids will definitely love these fun fish facts!

1. Fish can be meat eaters, plant eaters, or both!

Those fish that eat meat are called carnivores. Plant eating fish are called herbivores. Fish who enjoy both plant and meat based meals are called omnivores.

2. There are over 30,000 species of fish.

That’s a lot of fish! It’s amazing to see the different species of fish because there are so many. Each species have their own unique traits that make them special. Fish sizes range from very very tiny to extra large.

3. Even though Jellyfish and others have fish in their name, they are not considered fish!

It’s true! Jellyfish and Starfish are just a few of the ones that have fish in the name but aren’t really fish.

4. Most fish do not have eyelids.

Sharks are the only fish that can blink, others do not because they don’t have eyelids! Weird right? With no eyelids, the fish are able to keep their eyes open at all times.

5. Fish have scales to help them swim.

The scales of a fish actually help them swim through the water. If you touch a fish, you will notice that their scales feel slimy. This helps them swim through the water with ease.

6. Fish communicate through acoustic communication.

Fish send acoustic signals to other fish in order to communicate. Typically, their signals communicate aggression, feeding, or courtship behavior.

7. Some fish are poisonous.

There are a number of different fish that are poisonous. Puffer fish, blowfish, and sting rays are just a few of the poisonous fish species swimming around the oceans. Some fish are so poisonous that if you get stung, it could lead to severe illness or even death.

8. The Paedocypris is the smallest fish in the world.

These little guys measure in at less than one third of an inch making them the smallest fish in the world so far. Paedocypris belong to the carp family and have a partially see through body.

9. Fish are vertebrates that have gills.

Fish are vertebrates because they have backbones. Because they live in the water, they breathe using special organs called gills.

10. Some fish are really weird looking.

Fish are amazing creatures and some have a very unique look. One of the weirdest fish is called the Psychedelic Frogfish. Another strange looking fish is called the Parrot Fish. This fish looks similar to a parrot which is how it got it’s name.

See more of the strangest fish here.

Fun Facts About Fish Every Kid Should Know

With so many different fish living in the waters of our world, knowing some of these fun facts about fish can come in handy.

Because of the variety, colors, and different species, there is a ton that we can learn from fish and how they live.

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Fish Fact Worksheets

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