Halloween Bingo Free Printable Game

This Halloween bingo free printable game is a great way for the kids to celebrate Halloween. Play the game at home, in classrooms, or with friends and family at the Halloween party!

To make playing the Halloween bingo game even more fun, offer fun prizes to winners and have the kids use candy corn for markers.

Serve up some monster Halloween rice krispie treats and you have a fun party for kids!

Halloween Bingo Free Printable

The Halloween bingo printable includes everything you need to play the game. Simply print, cut, and pass out the cards. The free bingo printable for Halloween also includes calling cards.

Once players have a bingo, you can offer fun Halloween-themed prizes to them. Luckily, you can get some pretty cheap toys from your local Dollar Tree or Dollar Store to give to winners.

Halloween Treats to Serve:

Budget friendly Halloween Prizes:

Party favors make the best prizes for those who win! Here are a few of our favorite Halloween party favors that would work well as bingo prizes.

What to use as bingo markers:

  • Candy corn (you can use the leftover candy to make these leftover candy corn recipes)
  • Candy pumpkins
  • Other small Halloween candy
  • Kid-Safe bingo daubers
  • Halloween stamps (if you don’t plan on using the cards over again)

Halloween Bingo Free Printable Game

Free Printable Halloween Bingo

Halloween bingo can be fun for both kids and adults. It can be used for parties or as a game to play with friends. Serve up your favorite Halloween snacks & treats and you have an affordable Halloween party that the kids will have fun at!

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Download the Printable Halloween Bingo Game below!

Download it here!

Halloween Bingo Free Printable Game

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