Groundhog Day Activities for Preschoolers

Groundhog Day is February 2nd and if you are looking for something to do in your homeschool, we’ve put together a list of Groundhog Day activities for preschoolers.

While it’s not an actual holiday, it can still be celebrated as an educational holiday. Celebrating and learning more about Groundhog Day can be fun and exciting for kids.

Is Groundhog Day a holiday?

No, Groundhog Day is not a public holiday. We do love observing the day and doing fun Groundhog Day activities, but businesses and workplaces will still be open.

In America, we started the tradition in the late 1800’s in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. That is why we call the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil.

Tradition has it that if the groundhog sees his shadow on February 2, he will be frightened and return to his burrow and we will have 6 more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow, spring is on the way and we can expect warmer weather.

While the tradition may not always be correct, it’s fun for kids and adults to see and celebrate the day and to see if he sees his shadow. It’s also fun to see if he can actually predict the weather. Add in some fun Groundhog Day activities and you have a memorable experience with lots of learning.

Groundhog Day Activities and Crafts

Groundhog Day Activities for Preschoolers

Celebrating Groundhog Day can be a fun way for kids to learn more about history. They can learn the story behind it, more about the state it started in, and even learn more about groundhogs.

1. Fine Motor Groundhog Day Puppet Craft

2. Letter Recognition Activity for Groundhog Day

3. Toilet Paper Roll Groundhog Craft

4. Hat Craft

5. Shadow Sighting Craft

6. Popsicle Stick Groundhog

7. Paper Puppet

8. Light & Shadows Groundhog Activity

9. Groundhog Facts Worksheet

10. Groundhog Day Shadow Matching Activity

11. Groundhog Day Mask Craft

12. Groundhog Day Cupcake Liner Craft

13. Cardboard Groundhog Craft

14. Groundhog Headband Craft

15. Groundhog Finger Puppet

16. Groundhog Day Craft Activity with Printable Pattern

More Groundhog Day Preschool Activities

Playing with Shapes Activity

Groundhog Day Word Search

Lapbook for Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day Word Scramble

LEGO Groundhog Shadow Experiment

Groundhog Day Preschool Activities

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