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Easy Mickey Mouse Winter Wreath

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This easy Mickey Mouse winter wreath will be perfect for the cooler season and holidays. It’s also affordable!

Made with Dollar Tree supplies, like most of our other wreaths. This fun Mickey Mouse wreath for winter sports the cute Mickey Mouse ears and is made with duster cloths!

That’s right! Duster cloths. They come in handy for more than just holiday cleaning!

DIY Winter Mickey Mouse Wreath

I do want to make a note that we only use this for indoor use. The dusters don’t look well when they get wet. But don’t let that stop you from making this Mickey Mouse winter wreath because it’s too cute!

Easy Mickey Mouse Winter Wreath

I still love love love my snowman winter wreath so it will be hanging on the door. This Mickey Mouse winter wreath will be going on the garage door or on the wall. I haven’t decided yet.


  • 14-inch wreath form and a package of the 2-pack smaller wire wreath forms from Dollar Tree
  • 5 microfiber duster cloths (Dollar Tree)
  • Black and Red Polka Dot Ribbon (Dollar Tree)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun/ glue sticks
  • Zip ties
Winter Mickey Mouse Wreath

How to Make the Mickey Mouse Winter Wreath:

Using the zip ties, attach the smaller wire wreath forms to the large wreath form to make it look like Mickey’s ears.

Cut each of the microfiber cloths in half lengthwise.

Mickey Mouse Wreath Step 1

Using the hot glue gun, add lines of glue along the wire sections and place the cut microfiber cloths on top of the wreath.

We started with the smaller wreath form and then worked our way up to the larger wreath form. You can do this however you’d like though.

Mickey Mouse Wreath Step 2

If you have any hanging over the sides, wrap it around the outer edge and secure using hot glue. Repeat this until you have completely covered all of the wire wreath forms.

Make two simple bows using both rolls of ribbon. Cut the ends of the polka dot ribbon, to make a dovetail shape.

Mickey Mouse Wreath Step 3

Next, add hot glue to the backside of the bow and press firmly in between the mickey ears.

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Mickey Mouse Wreath for Winter

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