12 Days of Christmas Activities for Homeschoolers

Celebrate the holidays with these 12 Days of Christmas Activities for Homeschoolers. These 12 Days of Christmas activities will help children learn, grow, and celebrate the holiday season.

Traditionally, the 12 days of Christmas begin on the 25th of December (Christmas Day). However, some families have started their own traditions or have incorporated their own styles into the 12 Days of Christmas to start on December 13th.

That’s 12 days of Christmas activities leading up to Christmas Day. Each of those 12 days includes a special activity that can be done.

Fun 12 Days of Christmas Activities for Homeschoolers

For this list of 12 Days of Christmas activities for homeschooling, we are going to focus on fun and educational activities that kids can do leading up to Christmas Day.

12 Days of Christmas Activities for Homeschoolers

How to Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas In Your Homeschool

There are multiple ways that you can celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas. Some celebrate by giving gifts, some opt to do family activities, and some homeschool families choose to do fun holiday learning activities.

Not just your typical learning activities, but 12 Days of Christmas activities that will help children grow as they celebrate the upcoming holiday. This could be a variety of different things with each having a lesson or skill they can practice.

Homeschoolers 12 Days of Christmas Activities

You’ll notice that there are more than 12 activity ideas here. This is because we wanted to give you a variety of ideas that you can incorporate into your homeschool 12 Days of Christmas activities.

1. Complete A Christmas Activity Book

Free Christmas Activity Book for Kids

Grab a free Christmas activity book that is full of educational fun. You can print the pages and have the kids complete the workbook. Most workbooks include a variety of different learning activities including math, reading, letter recognition, art, and more.

2. Read a Christmas Book

The holidays bring out some fun Christmas stories and books promote a wide variety of different learning opportunities. You can choose themed books (like reindeer books, Santa books, etc.) or read a selection of different Christmas books.

Here are a few book ideas that you can incorporate into your 12 Days of Christmas activities.

3. Make a Christmas Wreath

Wreaths can be a fun activity for older kids. They can get creative with their wreath designs and they make great art projects. Previously, we made this really cute snowman wreath and it turned out great.

Older children can also make wreaths to sell. This will not only help them learn more about the different crafting materials and promote creativity, but they can turn this into a money learning opportunity. Learning life lessons like managing money, sales, and so much more.

4. Bake or Make Christmas Goodies

Baking brings in a lot of educational value and it can be fun for a lot of children. Through baking, kids can learn more about measurements, following directions, and other important skills that they can use as they grow up.

Making some fun no bake Christmas food can also be fun and educational. For instance, check out these fun snowman donuts. There isn’t any baking, but putting these together can give you the opportunity to bring in some fun learning activities.

5. Practice Kindness and Giving

Let the kids choose from a selection of different kindness or giving activities for the holidays. This can be anything from baking those Christmas goodies mentioned above and giving them to someone or doing something kind for someone else.

During this time you can teach kids more about how important it is to help those in need. Use the holidays as a jumpstart and then continue to help the kids practice being kind, helping, and giving throughout the upcoming year.

One activity that we always like to do is to have the kids go through their toys and clothes to make room for new ones they may get for Christmas. Then, those items they don’t want to keep get donated to a few of our local places that help the community.

Homeschool 12 Days of Christmas Activities

6. Do A Christmas Science Activity

Science can be fun and the holidays can bring some fun science activities that the kids can do. Studying snowflakes is probably one of the most popular but there are plenty of others out there.

Here are a few other Christmas science activities kids can do as part of their 12 days of Christmas activities.

7. Learn a Christmas Song

Have the kids learn a Christmas song and turn it into a fun music-learning opportunity.

Older children can learn to play a song and read notes with their favorite instrument.

8. Christmas Karaoke and Dance Party

Get the family together and put together a Christmas karaoke and dance party. Kids will love singing to their favorite holiday tunes and dance the night away.

Not only will this help promote music education but it’s also a great way for kids to get some fun physical education in there too.

9. Learn About the History of Christmas

While many kids focus on the fact that they get presents during the holidays, there is so much more to Christmas.

Kids can research and learn more about the true history of Christmas and that it’s not just about getting toys and other presents.

10. Learn About Christmas in Other Countries

Have the kids research to see how Christmas is celebrated in other countries as part of the 12 days of Christmas activities. Find out what holiday traditions they celebrate, the type of activities they enjoy doing, or what traditional holiday foods are typically served.

While some traditions may be similar, this is a great way for kids to see what other cultures do for the holidays.

11. Write A Letter To Santa

Writing a letter to Santa is probably one of the most popular activities of the 12 days of Christmas activities for families.

Help and encourage kids to practice their writing and spelling skills by writing a letter to Santa. They can use the letter to say hi to Santa, to let Santa know what is on their wishlist, and to list a few things they have done that are good.

Also, have the children write down some naughty things they have done throughout the year. This can help them reflect on things they shouldn’t do and practice doing more good things.

12. Decorate the Tree

If you can wait to put up your Christmas tree, you can use this as one of your 12 days of Christmas activities.

We have a tradition of putting the tree up right after Thanksgiving but some families like to wait until closer to Christmas.

As the kids help put up the tree they can practice counting as they see how many ornaments they can put on the tree.

13. Make A Gingerbread House

A tradition for many families, making a gingerbread house can be a fun and educational homeschool Christmas activity.

Kids will love putting the gingerbread house together, decorating it, and even eating it!

14. Learn How To Draw Christmas Characters

Promote art and creativity and teach the kids how to draw different Christmas characters and items.

There are lots of drawing tutorials that you can use to help. Have the kids take an art lesson to learn how to draw Santa, a reindeer, a snowman, and other holiday-related images.

15. Make Cards for Friends and Family

Homemade cards are perfect for sending to friends and family. You can use a variety of different materials to craft handmade cards. For young children, you can print out some Christmas cards to color to send to friends and family.

Homeschool 12 Days of Activities for Christmas

When it comes to holiday traditions, incorporate some of these 12 days of Christmas activities into your homeschool.

Kids will love getting creative as they do new activities each day and you can sneak some fun learning in there too!

What kind of activities do you do for the 12 Days of Christmas activities in your homeschool?

Christmas 12 Day Activities Homeschooling

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